The Wolves are BACK And Might be a Wagon!

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The Season Opener is Finally Here

The last time most of us watched a Timberwolves game we saw Ja Morant hit the Griddy at center court on the Wolves logo. The motto since that day hasn’t changed and won’t until we see them on November 11th. Plain and simple “Fuck Memphis, and Fuck Ja Morant”. I’m waiting for Anthony Edwards to throw down a vicious dunk that shatters the backboard and rains down sharp glass on Ja.

But I’m hoping the Grizzlies are an afterthought by the time playoffs come around this year. Unless you dug a hole in the ground and firmly buried your head into it, you’ve heard about the franchise-changing trade the Wolves made this off-season. Trading almost half the team and 4 future first-round picks. They acquired future HOF Rudy Gobert. This has put the organization with Championship hopes for at least 4 years (and yes I’m talking about the organization with the worst statistical win percentage out of any 4 major sports teams sitting at .399 and a record of 1049-1581).

A Stacked Wolves Starting 5

For once, we can look at this group and truthfully say it is not about potential or what if’s. The talent is there and we should expect wins and a lot of them. Rudy Gobert is a 3-time Defensive player of the year. Who will really help the Wolves defensively, Kat is a 2-time All-Star and All-NBA player, who finally has some defensive help down low with the addition of Rudy. While everyone in the NBA has gone small and quick, the Wolves have strayed away from the norm and have gone big and really big.

Anthony Edwards enters his third year in the league and has consistently gotten better throughout his career. We hope it’s the year he finally takes the next step and is the Superstar that is the face of the Timberwolves. People forget about this game-tying three as the Wolves were facing elimination.

Usually, the 4th player brought up on your starting five isn’t a former all-star, who is known for clutch shots and has a meme that every person from 10 to 30 years old has done. But that may be the problem with D’Angelo Russel, as good as he can be…he can be equally as bad. From scorching hot to ice cold in a matter of games, if not minutes. He remains a question mark, but if he just does his job he can be a perfect player for this Timberwolves team.

Lastly, Jaden Mcdaniels. Who is loved by All of the NBA Media Guys, but is rather unknown by most casual fans around the league? He’s a freak in the best way possible and maybe my favorite timberwolf. He could take the biggest leap out of all the players on the Wolves this year. A quality shooter who has learned to defend while not fouling. While becoming a strong dribbler even at the height of 6’10. He’s a piece that a lot of teams who miss the playoffs or don’t go on runs wish they had. Think Andrew Wiggins, but 3 inches taller.


The season starts Wednesday and I haven’t been this excited about a Timberwolves season in years. A team that can truly go deep into the playoffs. I expect them to finish as one of the top 4 seeds in the Western Conference. Finally advancing to the second round of the playoffs for the second time since the opening season in 1990. The pieces are in place and the Wolves are for real. Jump on the Bandwagon and cheer this team to the playoffs. From the laughing stock they have been since entering the league to the powerhouse they could be by the end of the season, head to the Target Center and pack the place. This team is going to be good.

I’ll be here to air my applause and criticism all year long. Thanks for reading.