The Wolves are BACK?!

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I know, I know. I was just slandering the Wolves just a few weeks ago, but back then it was clearly warranted. Now we are HOT and back in it. Are the Wolves back? Can they ever truly be “back” since some would argue they never “were” in the first place?

The Wolves were 4-9 when I wrote that article, now we are 11-10. Did I spark a fire in the team? Obviously No, but I have a track record of this occurring. I wrote about Miguel Sano being absolutely god awful and BOOM he went OFF immediately after. It’s my talent.

We just beat PUNK ASS JIMMY BUTLER AND THE HEAT. Fuck that guy, he’s a bitch. He was telling fans courtside to calm down, that’s embarrassing. Can’t even take shit from fans, he’s such a fake tough guy. Sorry about the Jimmy rant but seriously he’s a bitch. 

Ant should have had the dunk of the year but it got taken away on a bogus call. Here It is.

Ant was on one against the Heat, straight dominated and got Jimmy in his feelings. Don’t mess with our boy Jimmy. Man is 20 and not scared of you. Ant’s a legend is what I meant to say, I’m going off track but I’m just HYPED.

It’s a pretty crazy turn around from being 4-9. I know some of those games were “easy” but we usually don’t win those games. It’s just a fresh of breath air again. To be interested and exciting again. It’s sad it’s changed this much in 8 games, but that’s what it is being a Wolves fan.  The smallest things bring hope, let me live.

So what, or who, has changed in the last two weeks?

I was slandering Dlo and KAT last blog, it was warranted a bit. KAT has played a lot better, stopped that whining and has stepped up on D. Dlo is playing DEFENSE. Didn’t think I would see the day. He’s always been the type of guy where if he couldn’t shoot he was almost worthless.

He’s been improving in other areas and that’s huge for this team. He leads the team in +/-, that is truly surprising. A lot of the time he is the first starter out and funny enough we have looked worse right away. This is sooooo encouraging for this team. If the defense as a team can stay like this AND the offense plays like it can, we can be a good team. 

D’Lo was sooooo good in that game against the Sixers. We haven’t seen a game like that from him like that in some time, that was huge. The “old” Wolves definitely would have lost that game, especially coming off an abysmal performance in Charlotte the night before. A game where we lost KAT going into OT and blowing a lead, that is for sure a L for the Wolves teams of old.

Pat Bevs impact is huge on this defense, you have guys playing good D who have never done so. It’s a beautiful thing.

The game against the Pacers is another game the “old” Wolves would have lost. Coming off a big win and down double digits at half. That is a for sure L for teams of the past, they would just give up. This time we battled back and came through with a win. Not every game is easy and good teams find ways to win and that’s what we did, it is very encouraging.

I know we are literally only 1 game over .500, but this is unheard of for the Wolves and if you are a fan you know that. Can we keep this up? Who knows, but the Wolves are exciting again. Being a relevant and fun to watch is ALL we can ask for as fans. Lets keep it going…also shoutout VANDO. Starting to think this Wolves team is the realest. They’re the ones jack. No chance this comes back to bite me