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The Wolves are ELITE?!

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The Wolves are ELITE! Okay, now that you are here…I’m MOSTLY kidding, we are still pretty damn bad, but things have been looking up! We have won 4 in a row and there may be hope for the future?

I’m a diehard Wolves fan, it sucks, but I’ll never leave. This little streak has made me excited for what this teeam could look like over the next few years if we stay healthy. Shit, if we can just battle for a playoff spot I think wolves fans would be happy. 


When KAT and D’Lo have been healthy this year, the Timberwolves are 10-6. That isn’t record-breaking or anything, but my god it’s a way better winning percentage than our record overall. That right there has to give you a bit of hope. With the help of Antman and Malik, this team should battle for a playoff spot next year. If we magically keep our pick too, this team could be one of the best in the leauge.

Could the Wolves be Elite?

The Wolves have somehow went 3-0 against the Jazz this year. Beating them back to back this past week. They didn’t have Mitchell but still, good wins nonetheless.  

Bitch boy Gobert couldn’t hang with KAT to save his life. He always shits the bed against us, he’s nothing without Mitchell. Fuck Rudy Gobert. Here’s an old meme, but it still is applicable to this day:

We faced off against the Warriors the other night and took home the W. It isn’t the Warriors of old, but they still have Steph and he hasn’t slowed down one bit. They also have Andrew Wiggins…this means nothing, but Wolves fans know he comes to play in certain games and of course this would be one of them. He scored 27 but it didn’t stop the Wolves from winning or KAT from dunking on him.


Man, ever since he entered that starting lineup and especially since the All-Star break, the Antman has been A1. He is averaging 18.4 ppg, 4.6 RPG, and 2.7 APG this year. I remember writing about him early on and he was barely above 10 ppg. He is also slowly raising those shooting percentages now, shooting over 40% from the field and 31% from 3.

Besides him slowly turning into a star, the man is downright comedy. I know it doesn’t matter to actually being good on the court, but it is refreshing. Unlike Wiggins, this man seems to have some emotion.

Here are some moments to show Ants hilarious personality.

This dude is fucking hilarious!

I know I wrote the article about how we made a mistake taking him over Melo. I truly think either pick would have been fine. At the time there wasn’t much to write about and it was a controversial topic, something needed to be written.

At this point, I think it may be easy to say that Ant was the right pick and he should absolutely win Rookie of the Year. If Melo never got hurt maybe not, but he did and Ant has been playing like a star. He is the guy and will be a huge part of this team going forward. It will be so fun watching him continue to grow.

I don’t care, rip me all you want. This team still sucks. As a Wolves fan, you have to take the little things and run with them. If that means winning 4 in a row and looking good healthy, then so be it. If that means being excited for next year, then so be it. We hear the next year thing every year, but if we actually can stay healthy this will be a fun and solid team. Wolves fans should be happy and excited, we don’t always have to be negative. Let’s enjoy things and be excited for once, the Wolves are Elite…