The Wolves are finished

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The most hyped season in a long time has been nothing but a let down. Where do they go from here and are the Wolves finished?

As you know the Wolves have looked like dogshit and aren’t even fun to watch either. What exactly is wrong and is there time to fix it?


Funny enough the one thing people thought for sure wouldn’t be a big issue was the D, well it sure as hell is a massive problem. We are just getting abused on the perimeter. Does that surprise me? Not at all, but I don’t know how they thought it wouldn’t be an issue. If you have watched any games you probably have noticed the abundance of wide open 3s we give up. Is that by design? I am quite sure it isn’t and is sadly just because of the lack of personnel. Not having Jaden the past few doesn’t help but my god its been embarrassing.


Truthfully Gobert isn’t the main problem but it is very easy to put the blame on him. Now he hasn’t looked that great and every issue we have you immediately look towards him because he is the “star” we traded for but he isn’t the main problem. He sure could be better and be able to catch a god damn ball but I find it hard to put most of the blame on him. Regardless of that he absolutely needs to be better or this team has about a zero percent chance of turning it around.

Just look at this shit man, Gobert has no moves down low, not a single one. He is getting clowned on and disrespected by Draymond. It is just downright embarrassing at the moment and it better turn around quick or it will be a LONG, LONG, LONG season.

There isn’t even much more to talk about. There is hardly any positives right now besides like Jaden and Kats playmaking but now KAT is hurt too so we are more screwed. It has taken a full 360 and most of the excitement and hope is completely gone. This team only knows how to hurt me. Please for the love of god turn it around or you may never see another blog from me again. Until next time Wolves fans:(