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The Wolves are on FIRE

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Your Minnesota Timberwolves are 9 games over .500 and have won 6 in a row, what a time to be alive. The Wolves are back and here to stay BABY!!!

Since the all-star break, we are 7-1, beautiful. Now the last 4 games have been pretty easy but old Wolves teams would have found a way to lose one, if not all, of these games. It’s just a whole different vibe with this team right now. 

It started with the great win against the Grizzlies and then wins against the depleted Cavs and Warriors. Wins are Wins though. The Thunder and Blazers are atrocious but we won each game pretty convincingly, so that’s great to see. The energy is just different around the squad right now, something I haven’t seen since the Butler year….sad.

It is really unfortunate the Mavs and Nuggets refuse to lose because we could have slid into that 6 spot if they did and that means no play-in. No play-in is huge because I have this bad feeling it would be peak Wolves to make the “playoffs” but not actually get a real playoffs series, please don’t let that happen. Just give me a series against the Grizzlies and I’m happy.


This team has been so fun, WHILE WINNING. That is very odd. Just look at all these tweets from the Wolves, it describes what we have been feeling of late.

These are just things that would not have happened in the last 10 years. It’s sad it has been so bad for so many years, but things have changed. We have our first 6 game winning streak since 2004, and the fanbase is starting to come out of the closet they’ve been hiding in for years. Malik just broke the franchise record for 3’s in a game. Fun things are happening each night and it seems there is always something positive to take from each game regardless of whether it’s a win or not.

A New Era?

Its hard to sit here and say everything has changed and we are a great team now, we are only the 7 seed but it’s impossible to deny that this feels different. Have we turned a corner? I would like to think so. Get to the real playoffs and battle hard in that first series and you can build from it and keep going. This is still a young team with a bright future.

The schedule gets harder soon, so It will be interesting to see if we can beat some big-time teams and prove we are for real. Wolves fans, I know we can’t wait to see to test ourselves against the big boys to prep ourselves for the playoffs.

This is a great time to be a Wolves fan and I can’t wait to talk again before the playoffs. The Wolves are BACK!