The Wolves Suck

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So far the Minnesota Timberwolves have not lived up to expectations at all. It is very early in the year but it is VERY concerning nonetheless. What is wrong?

The Wolves have started 5-6 and look so, so bad after a pounding to the Knicks. Sure 5-6 isn’t even that bad but compared to the expectations we had and the easy start to the schedule, it is a very bad look. Now where have we went wrong? It is a really good question and I will try to highlight a few reasons why.


If you have watched these games you have noticed the real lack of energy every night. Its cliche but it actually seems to be playing a huge role after we lost Bev and Vando. Bev was that dog, the gritty guy who would lead and do the dirty work. This team just doesn’t have that right now and if you have watched you know exactly what I am talking about. What do you do about that? Honestly someone needs to step up and embrace it or you have to make a move. There just really isn’t a good answer right now and I am concerned.

I don’t want to make too much of this either, but this a prime example of just the lack of the effort this year. This has kind of been the case for most of the team. They need to make some changes or the record could get really bad really fast.


DeAngelo Russell has been horrible. There really isn’t any other way to put it. He is averaging about 13 pts, 5 ast 4 rbs. That just isn’t enough for a guy that is the point guard getting paid 25+ million. He is also shooting 38% from the field and like 28% from 3. That is so bad and needs to change in a hurry or we are In trouble. It is early so ill give him time on the shooting. His playmaking and IQ has looked bad too, now that is concerning. There is just too many bad Turnovers that have killed momentum. Here is one for example.

Like this is a soul crushing TO. After an insane defensive possession by Ant you do this? It kills momentum and from PG, the high IQ playmaker? This just can’t happen. Now sadly I just don’t think DLO is that good but clearly he is more capable than this. He needs to play at that level if we have any chance at the playoffs and if DLO wants a contract after this, because we would be stupid to want him back at this rate.


I know people don’t want to hear it but Ant has been a problem. Sure he is averaging 22 a game but the playmaking hasn’t improved and truthfully nothing has improved yet. He loves to shit the bed on back to backs and truly just hasn’t looked into it at all in the past handful of games. That clip I posted above is something to really monitor because I can see Ant really getting disengaged if he simply isn’t involved in the gameplan more often. The young star cannot have quarters out there where you wonder if he is even playing. Pretty much for the first half of the Knicks game you had to wonder if he was even playing.

These type of tweets have happened too many times this early into the year, that can’t be the case with the 21 year old. He just needs to play with that joy and carefree love for the game or he can get really disengaged and that has bad, bad problems written all over it for the Wolves.

Now there is more to the problems the Wolves have faced, like giving up so many open 3’s but these were some key things most fans have noticed. The main issue still is most likely the lack of chemistry and time together on the court but regardless the issues are very real and very concerning.

I won’t REALLY overreact 100% until like 20+ games in but there is still real concern right now. Also with how the schedule is coming up I am really worried. Hopefully this is just growing pains because if not it will be a LONG next 5+ years for us Wolves fans.