The Wolves traded Rubio and fans have lost their minds.

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Our fan favorite Ricky Rubio was traded. A year after acquiring him and he’s back out the door. Wolves fans have now lost their minds over it.

I wrote an article last year when we got Rubio back and was super excited about having him back. Mainly because I liked him as a person and he played here before. Little of it had to do with actual basketball ability. 

Now with Rubio out, fans are disgusted we would trade someone so loved, especially by our guy Anthony Edwards. His basketball ability matters more than anything and he was absolutely dog shit the first half of the year last year. 

Here is a great example of the type of tweets that were all over Wolves timeline. Truly disgraceful stuff.

He was better the second half of the year but still nothing special at all. D’Lo, Ant and Kat were all better with Ricky off the court, don’t tell that to our die hard Ricky stans though. They just yell from the mountains tops, “Ant loved Ricky and he was his mentor!” That’s true, but does that win games? Absolutely not. 

I heard culture uttered from some fans. Talking about how Gersson preached about culture and it’s a joke he would trade Ricky after saying that. Well first off this team has been dog shit for pretty much ever, so I don’t think the “culture” is what we should be focused on. Just stop with that nonsense. 

I loved Ricky just as much as any of our fans but if your sole reason you are pissed is because you liked him I’m sorry. Ricky wasn’t getting us the playoffs, trust me. If anyone will do that it’s Ant and Kat. 

It’s understandable to be upset at Gersson for not making any moves yet, but we don’t have a lot of options right now. Any big move has to happen via trade sadly. So we probably won’t see a huge move, it’s just the reality of it. Get used to the 5-10 mil players we may sign. 

FIBA Ricky

Now as you know, Ricky has been going crazy in the Olympics. The game after the Wolves traded Ricky he decided to go MJ on team USA. He dropped 38 points and the tweets were crazy. That made the Wolves fans even more mad. It is annoying because Ricky will never do that in an NBA game, ever. He is a different man in FIBA and you all need to CHILL. The delusion is unreal. Here are just a few tweets.

I love Ricky, but like come on people. Trading him is not going to make Ant mad. It isn’t going to lower our chances of making the playoffs. People are simply mad because they liked him. If we start winning, the whining will cease to exist, it is the truth. Let’s hope we can win so people can get over this. Winning would sure make ALL Wolves fans happy. We will pray things change.