The Wolves Way

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The Wolves aren’t even playing and we are getting shit on. I guess it’s just the Wolves way.

If you haven’t paid any attention, former Timberwolf Andrew Wiggins played great in the playoffs. He was a big part of the Warriors winning it all. So of course Wolves fans had to be reminded all over Twitter that we traded him to the Warriors. It is just never-ending pain for us.

This makes you question how many guys have gone on to succeed massively after departing the Wolves. There are 3 pretty well-known, big names who did so. Let’s talk about them.


One of the most obvious is Kevin Garnett. In general, he was more successful here than any other star we had, and went on to win a ring in Boston. That is more than enough to be included on this list. It was an early sign of how the Wolves may be a sad organization, unfortunately it proved right.

Kevin Love

Some of our more sad years were some of the ones that included K-Love. During those years he was a lone bright spot and brought some happiness to this team and fanbase. He was of course traded for Andrew Wiggins and went on to win a ring with the Cavs. He was never that guy like he was here, but I think he would take a ring over that any day of the week. This is just another example of how guys thrive after leaving. Sad!

Andrew Wiggins

The most recent is our guy Wiggs. It is truly sickening because when we traded him it was such a massive win, and most people thought that. Unfortunately it didn’t necessarily go that way. The Warriors may have won the trade, but there was no world where we could have trotted Wiggins out there another year. He had to go. He just happened to find himself in one of the best situations possible and thrived in that role. Good for him! It still doesn’t make it hurt any less for us Wolves fans, seeing him out there TRYING in the finals and playing such a vital role. Of course the Wolves had to catch strays from NBA fans, wouldn’t expect anything else.

If you have been a Wolves fan for a while this doesn’t surprise you. I think a majority of Wolves fans are happy for Wiggs, but it’s just annoying we never got to see that kind of effort consistently here. It is what it is though. Way she goes!

This just happens to be the Wolves way. It does seem like times are changing now. We have Ant to lead us. These years with Ant will be awesome and us fans finally have something to look forward to. Don’t let this recent situation sadden us. We will be back Wolves Nation!

Also thanks to @yrnevan_ on twitter for the thumbnail pic.