The World Cup Is Back! Group/KO Predictions.

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The World Cup was officially back on Sunday which means one thing…. I’m a soccer fan again! No hate against soccer, it’s just not my “cup of tea”. I’ve gone to a couple Minnesota United games and have 0 bad things to say. One thing I learned is soccer fans are crazy as fuck. They stand, chant, sing the entire game. Non stop. Its quite impressive Tbh.

Considering being a Loons fan? Don’t they will still break your heart in the playoffs even when you barely care. Minnesota Fashion.

World Cup Groups Predictions.

Please remember I have very little knowledge of soccer and am going off all gut instincts (and betting odds).

Group A (Odds To Win Group)

  1. Qatar (+1600)
  2. Ecuador (+525)
  3. Senegal (+500)
  4. Netherlands (-225)

Off first glance you can easily tell the Netherlands will at least be in the top two and be advancing. From there it seems like it could go any direction. Senegal seems like a great cinderella this year so thats my 2nd pick to advance out of group A.

Group A Teams (To advance)

  1. Netherlands (-800)
  2. Senegal (-110)

Group B

  1. England (-260)
  2. USA (+500)
  3. Wales (+600)
  4. Iran (+1800)

Easiest decision out of all the groupings. Obviously the USA will be advancing, and I know England is scary good because they have Harry Kane. If I know a team has a certain player they will probably be advancing, theres a reason I know they play on that team.

Group B Teams (To Advance)

  1. England (-2000)
  2. USA (-110)

Group C

  1. Argentina (-260)
  2. Mexico (+475)
  3. Poland (+550)
  4. Saudia Arabia (+2500)

MESIII MESIII MESIII, Argentina is obviously advancing because they have him. The real question is do our neighbors from the south get in or does Poland? I know Mexico hasn’t been doing to hot and Poland seems like another sneaky team who could surprise some teams… I think I just talked myself into taking Poland to win this pool.

Group C (To Advance)

  1. Poland (-110)
  2. Argentina (-1200)

Group D

  1. France (-200)
  2. Australia (+1600)
  3. Denmark (+225)
  4. Tunisia (+1600)

Scratch what I said for group B, this was the easiest group to decide. France is the defending champs and there roster is still loaded. Denmark usually has a good squad, and the odds reflect they will be joining France in advancing to the knockout stage.

Group D (To Advance)

  1. France (-1200)
  2. Denmark (-250)

Group E

  1. Spain (-110)
  2. Costa Rica (+5000)
  3. Germany (+120)
  4. Japan (+1200)

Another group that seems like the chalk picks are the only picks. Japan always sucks and Costa Rica has the worse odds by far that I’ve seen. Germany is going to win this pool, with Spain finishing in 2nd.

Group E (To Advance)

  1. Germany (-800)
  2. Spain (-900)

Group F

  1. Belgium (-150)
  2. Canada (+1000)
  3. Morocco (+900)
  4. Croatia (+240)

Finally a group where I can pick a underdog. Belgium is going to win this group but it might be a dogfight for that 2nd spot. Canada only cares about hockey so they aren’t even in consideration. I’m thinking Morocco finds a way to squeak out of Group F, sending the defending World Cup runner up’s home.

Group F (To Advance)

  1. Belgium (-900)
  2. Morocco (+230)

Group G

  1. Brazil (-275)
  2. Serbia (+600)
  3. Switzerland (+550)
  4. Cameroon (+1800)

Out of all the groups this was seems the toughest from top to bottom. When I was a kid my aunt got me a Ronaldo jersey so I’ve always known Brazil was good. Now they have Neymar, so in honor of that they automatically advance to the KO stage. Switzerland always seems to have a decent squad but Serbia’s odds are so close. I’m going to take my chances with Switzerland since they were my first instinct.

Group G (To Advance)

  1. Brazil (-1000)
  2. Switzerland (Even)

Group H

  1. Portugal (-130)
  2. Ghana (+1100)
  3. Uruguay (+185)
  4. Korea Republic (+1100)

If you ask any person to name one player I bet 80% of them say Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo is currently in headlines because he’s refusing to play for Manchester United. Can he avenge Portugals first round exit in the KO stages in 2018? Look for Portugal to win this grouping with Uruguay barely sneaking in over Ghana.

Group H (To Advance)

  1. Portugal (-550)
  2. Uruguay (-200)

Knockout Stage

I’m not going to spend to much time talking about these because things will be completely mixed up unless all my predictions are exactly right. I’ll write another blog after the group stages complete, but for now here is my complete world cup predictions.

Round Of 16

“Odds are to win World Cup”

(A1)Netherlands(+1400) Vs (B2)USA (+10,000)

This is when people in America will fully start to believe in this young talented squad. Even if I don’t fully believe in what I’m saying, I have to honor the country I live in. The U.S will win this game against the Netherlands in a Extra time thriller. Book it.

Advancing: USA

(C1)Poland (+15,000) Vs (D2)Denmark (+3000)

Poland wins there pool in upset fashion just to face off against this loaded Denmark team who found themselves in a pool with France. Unfortunately this will be as far as Poland goes as they will be sent home by this Denmark team.

Advancing: Denmark

(E1)Germany (+1100) Vs (F2)Morocco (+25,000)

Germany finds themselves matched up against the biggest underdog left available. Is that a good thing or a bad thing for them? Yet again I think Germany would be to powerful for Morocco, but big time underdogs have did crazier things to Germany in the past. Taking the safe play with Germany advancing.

Advancing: Germany

(G1)Brazil (+400) Vs (H2)Uruguay (+5500)

Brazil comes in as the world cup favorites, but find themselves with a tough matchup in the opening round of the KO stage. I’m picturing Match Madness and how often the favorite gets upset, but I don’t think this is the KO round for them. Brazil survives in a shootout win advancing to the final 8.


(B1)England (+800) Vs (A2)Senegal (+10,000)

I said Senegal seems like a cinderella story, and I’m going to stick with that statement by having them upset England in the first round. England finds themselves with the 4th best odds to take home the trophy. All of there hopes and dreams will come to a halt when Senegal beats them 3-1 in the KO stage. Jump on the Senegal bandwagon now before it’s to late.

Advancing: Senegal

(D1)France (+700) Vs (C2)Argentina (+500)

In easily the best first round matchup, we will have two of the top three favorites facing off with one of them being sent home. Poland winning the pool drew them a tough Belgium team who they couldn’t beat but I think Argentina will do the opposite for group C. Look for Messi to put the team on his back on route to beating the defending champs in the first round. France better be praying Argentina wins there pool otherwise there will be no repeat.

Advancing: Argentina

(F1)Belgium (+1600) Vs (E2)Spain (+900)

In another first round thriller we have group F winner Belgium facing off against Spain. Unfortunately for Belgium there easy pool means an automatic hard first round, drawing Germany Or Spain. If Belgium faces off against Spain I think they find a way to squeak out a win advancing to the final 8.

Advancing: Belgium

(H1)Portugal (+1400) Vs (G2) Switzerland (+10,000)

Cristiano Ronaldo has played in 4 previous world cups (2006-Present), only advancing past the round of 16 once (4th place, 2006). This will be the year that Ronaldo will get the monkey off his back by advancing past the first round of the KO stage. Switzerland will have the lead early in this game but Ronaldo will show how clutch he is by leading his team back to victory.

Advancing: Portugal


Denmark (+3000) Vs USA (+10,000)

If my predictions stay true, Denmark might have a cakewalk to the Semi-Finals. Yes I know having the USA in this game is a complete stretch, but you have to show faith in your home country when the world cup rolls around. This is where the road will end for this USA team, but with no regrets. Many Michgoldens will be drank watching this team play, its the least I could do for my country. Congrats Denmark your in the Semi Finals!



Germany (+1100) Vs Brazil (+400)

I’m arguing with myself on who will win this game, even though I couldn’t name three players on each team. My bracket has way to many upsets I feel like so I’m doing the pick the favorite to make the final 4. On the record I think Germany could win this game easily but I’m guessing theres a reason Brazil has such good odds.

Advancing: Brazil

Argentina (+500) Vs Senegal (+10,000)

Call me crazy, but I wouldn’t be shocked if Senegal wins this game too. When I said they were giving me cinderella vibes I wasn’t kidding. At this point Senegal will have the entire world cheering for them and I think they will win ANOTHER game defeating Argentina in another shocker. IDK if upsets like this happen in soccer but what better place to do it then at the world cup? If this happens I better go viral because who else has Senegal in the semi finals?

World Cup team- Senegal


Belgium (+1600) Vs Portugal (+1400)

If Portugal gets past there demon which is the round of 16 they face off against a familiar foe in Belgium. In 2020 these two teams faced off in the Euro, with Belgium advancing with a 1-0 victory.

Expect to see the same results when Portugal is stunned yet again in a big tournament. This will be another game that Ronaldo comes up just short falling in PK’s.

Advancing: Belgium


Denmark (+3000) Vs Brazil (+400)

Denmark faces off against there biggest threat since when they defeated France in pool play. This team has had that Championship luck on who they drew in each round and now will prove they are where they belong when they send the favorites packing there bags. Denmark will defeat Brazil advancing to there first finals in there history.

Senegal (+10,000) Vs Belgium (+1600)

Just like in most cinderella runs, this one will fall just short. Everyone whose watching this game will be cheering for Senegal (except for Belgium). But just like most cinderella runs, this one will fall just short. Belgium will have had one of the tougher roads to the finals and I think they will ride that momentum past this Senegal team. This team came up just short in 2018, taking third place after falling in the Semi finals to France.

What better way to bounce back by then advancing to the finals 4 years later?

Advancing: Belgium

World Cup Finals

Belgium (+1600) Vs Denmark (+3000)

32 teams started the tournament, but only one two can say they played in the final game. I’m not going to say either of these teams advancing to this stage would be a “cinderella story” but it would be a run that both of these countries would remember forever. Ultimately I think Belgium who battled through the toughest of them all will come out victorious. Losing in the semi-finals might be the biggest blessing in disguise for Belgium. Learning from that loss will be the reason Belgium takes it home this year.

Belgium-World Cup 2022

World Cup Champions- Belgium (+1600)

If this blog doesn’t prove I’m a reborn soccer fan again then idk what will. 2000 words typed for a sports that I watch once every 4 years, thats dedication. Maybe Senegal will get eliminated in pool play and my entire bracket will look stupid… but maybe just maybeeee they will prove I know soccer when they advance to the semi finals.

The last world cup I clearly remember might be 2010, but I’ll be fully invested in this world cup thanks to betting on every game possible.

Good luck to all the county’s competing and lets hope we can get as good of a world cup song this year as we did in 2010.