The 7 Worst Fanbases in Sports

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One of the things that makes sports so special is the support and passion teams receive from fans. From the biggest stage to minor league baseball, there’s nothing better than a crowd of degenerates 12 mich goldens deep getting rowdy for their favorite team. However, as we all know, some fanbases are made up of absolute jackasses. The mere mention of these teams increases your blood pressure. From the delusional, to the obnoxious, and of course the downright insane, these are the worst fanbases in sports.

7. Green Bay Packers

worst fans in sports packers
Wisconsin cheese isn’t even that good

Now, for the Cheeseheads reading this, I am not a salty Vikings fan. I have no dog in the NFC North fight. That being said, they can be real dicks sometimes. Like, everyone knows the whole season ticket holders being “owners” shtick is just an excuse to bring in more cash to the front office, right? They don’t make decisions. They can’t even set the damn ticket prices.

They’re also one of the more reactionary fanbases in the NFL, losing their minds at the first sign of trouble for the team. However, as our audience is mostly Minnesota fans, I won’t harp on the reactionary stuff too much. While I can appreciate the passion Packer fans have for their team, the arrogance is astounding. Does that arrogance come from decades of success? Probably. Does it make them unbearable? Absolutely. P.S. Green Bay sucks as a city.

6. The Entire SEC

worst fans in sports the sec
Solid Surrender Cobra from UGA fan

This was an easy one. In most people’s minds, it would be unthinkable to pull for your biggest rival to win any game, let alone a natty. Unfortunately, in SEC Country, this is the norm, and it’s disgusting. Seeing fans from Arkansas, South Carolina, and the rest of the conference do the whole “Rah Rah SEC!” bit when Bama wins a football natty or an SEC team wins the CWS is incredibly disheartening. You’d never see other Big 10 schools pulling for Ohio State, and you’d sure as hell never see Yankees fans pull for the Red Sox just because they’re in the same division.

While I do admire their passion and tradition (and drinking), no one knows how to cross the line like SEC fans. Whether its poisoning a special tree on a rival’s campus, sending death threats to kickers who miss field goals, or doxxing an opposing player’s family and girlfriend, then harassing his mom and sister in the bathroom at a game (yea, looking at you Arkansas), they’re all kinda trash. Even Auburn alum and SEC legend Sir Charles Barkley thinks the SEC has the worst fans “in the history of civilization.” Adding Texas and OU might even make it worse, and I’m dreading SEC fans celebrating OU when they make the playoff.

5. Boston Bruins

worst fans in sports bruins
Me if I also had to put up with other Bruins fans

There’s kind of a trend of Boston fans in general being shitty, but the Bruins stand out as some of the worst fanbases in sports. Celtics fans aren’t too bad compared to some of their NBA counterparts, most Pats fans have migrated to Tampa, and Red Sox fans… well, they kinda suck too. What makes B’s fans uniquely awful is how they treat their own players.

Just ask Don Sweeney and Tuukka Rask how supportive the Boston fans are. Then, of course, there’s the awful treatment of P.K. Subban, booing Chara in his first game back in Boston, and attacking opposing fans. Also, they openly root for Brad Marchand. That is all.

4. Golden State Warriors (really just Curry)

When your fanbase needs to remind everyone they’re authentic

10 years ago no one would ever think of putting Dubs fans on this list. They were a decent team, never great but usually not awful. Then, in 2015, Curry unanimously won MVP, they went on a great run, and beat the Cavs in the finals. This and their following 73-9 season established them as a dynasty, and the bandwagon Lakers fans began to change colors. Thankfully, LeBron and the Cavs came back from that infamous 3-1 deficit to break their hearts.

Unfortunately, the signing of KD and the subsequent 2 rings made their casual fans that much more unbearable. These people, many of whom don’t know shit about sports, treat Curry like the second coming of Christ. Like yeah he’s a great player, but the hero worship reminds me of how edgy middle schoolers treat their favorite music artist. That said, I’m happy they’re average again and the bandwagons have mostly gone back to LA.

3. New York Yankees

worst fans in sports yankees
Of course that guy’s still bringing up Babe Ruth…

This is possibly the most bandwagon-laden fanbase in all of sports. That’s no surprise to anyone given their (bought) success over the years. What makes Yankee fans especially awful are those in New York. Throwing baseballs at players on the field and assaulting opposing fans (and each other) in the stands is just the start. Factor in the arrogance, hero worship, A-Rod apologia, and general New York douchebaggery and you start to get the picture. I mean, who in their right mind would defend A-Rod? (seriously watch this video, its insane and will make you hate A-Rod even more) I don’t think I have to say too much more. Yankee fans suck.

2. Dallas Cowboys

worst fans in sports cowboys
Buddy’s definitely putting on his Yankess hat and Kobe jersey when he gets home

God I hate the Cowboys. As a Washington fan, I kinda have to. However, their fanbase makes me actively want to. They’re some of the worst fanbases in sports. Their constant “It’s our year!” boasting only to finish 8-8 at best and maybe get bounced in the first round never gets old. Then they had to bastardize Wiz Khalifa’s hit song “We ‘Dem Boyz”, and somehow make the Eagles likeable twice a year. You guys remember those Starter Pack memes from a couple years ago? There’s a reason the bandwagon one always consisted of a guy with a Yankees hat and Cowboys jersey. Only difference is the Yanks have (sadly) had some success since Y2K. The Cowboys didn’t deserve Tony Romo. Dallas, from the bottom of my heart, I hate you.

1. The City of Philadelphia

worst fans in sports philly
“City of Brotherly Love” my ass

Man, where do I start with you lunatics. Maybe booing and throwing snowballs at Santa Claus? Or throwing D-batteries on the field? How about Assaulting Chief Zee? Bounty Bowl 2? Punching horses? And that’s just the Eagles. There’s also a Phillies fan pulling trig on an 11-year-old girl, Flyers fans littering the ice with wristbands honoring their former owner, and 76ers fans throwing trash on the court. Outside of the stadium, they’re even worse, with a reputation of assaulting and harassing opposing fans regardless of age or reason.

Philly fans are objectively some of the most intense and aggressive in American sports. All of that being said, I do respect the City of Brotherly Love for its passion (and cheese steaks). At the end of the day, at least you’re not Dallas.

I’m sure there’s more fanbases out there that you hate. Tell us why on Twitter @Coleman10kTakes and @10k_Takes (or @10k_Takes1 until we get our account back).