Worst Feelings In Sports

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So I saw this tweet from Katie Nolan during yesterday’s Phillies/Padres NLCS game and it got me thinking… What else qualifies as a shitty sports feeling? What are the worst feelings in sports? Here’s what I came up with:

Missing an Empty Net Goal

If you are an NHL fan you have definitely seen this video before. While the quality of the video makes it look like 1987 instead of 2007 this sequence is BANANAS. 20 seconds left, the defenseman fans on a pass and Patrik Stefan is all alone with an empty net in front of him to ice the game. He misses. The Oilers then go down and score with 2 seconds left to send the game to OT.

Two more tidbits about this game. The Stars ended up winning the game in a shootout. Also, you’d think the is the most embarrassed Stefan would be in his career but its not. The guy was drafted 1st overall and was a complete bust. The Atlanta Thrashers could’ve drafted one of the Sedin twins but ended up with Stefan who played 455 career games and only put up 188 points.

Dropping the ball before the Endzone

This play bothers me more than anything else in sports. It is such a correctable mistake that happens so often there is now a full compilation on YouTube. How hard could it possibly be to run an extra 3-4 yards and give the ball to the referee??

Missing Multiple Gimme Length Putts

I know the definition of a gimme putt ranges from foursome to foursome but for professional golfers anything inside 4 feet is a gimme. So when they miss multiple times it 100% qualifies as a shitty sports feeling. My favorite example of this is Ernie Els at the Masters in 2016. You know you’re in trouble when you start using the back of the putter and still miss.

Now, I know there are many more things that could make a list of the worst feelings in sports, so maybe this will become a weekly blog that highlights the best of sporting failures. If that’s what you want, let us know and also send us the worst fails you come across. We’re bringing it back to the early days of the internet!