There’s Actually Aliens and It’s Going to Be Announced Next Week?

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Well, it seems we’re not in Kansas anymore. The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) landscape is buzzing louder than a UFO’s engine (if they have engines, that is).

In a plot twist reminiscent of Hollywood, former intelligence operative David Grusch made waves in June with jaw-dropping revelations. He asserted that Uncle Sam has been withholding substantial UAP-related secrets, including the existence of “intact and partially intact” alien vehicles. It feels as though we’ve been excluded from a captivating cosmic car show, one that we were never invited to witness firsthand! However, despite skepticism from some quarters, Grusch’s claims have propelled UAP awareness to an unparalleled level of excitement, captivating not only lawmakers but also your average next-door neighbor.

Adding fuel to this interstellar fire, the House of Representatives Oversight and Reform Committee announced a UAP-focused hearing for NEXT WEEK. The lineup will most likely include Grusch along with other experts on the topic, hoping to be a real ‘who’s who’ of the UFO world. 

Speaking of Who’s Who…

David Grusch

David Grusch is a former intelligence official and Air Force veteran who has made claims that the government has possession of alien vehicles.

Luis Elizondo

Luis Elizondo is a former military intelligence official who served as the director of the Pentagon’s UFO program. He resigned in protest of government secrecy and went public with his claims about the government’s knowledge of UFOs.

Jeremy Corbell

Jeremy Corbell is a respected contemporary artist, filmmaker, and ufologist known for his documentaries on UFOs, including Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers. He is praised for his dedication to investigating unexplained phenomena.

George Knapp

George Knapp is an American journalist who has investigated UFO claims for over 30 years. Knapp is renowned for his work on Coast to Coast AM and his reporting on Bob Lazar.

Bob Lazar

Bob Lazar is an American businessman and conspiracy theorist who claims to have worked on reverse-engineering extraterrestrial technology at a secret site called S-4. Furthermore, although many have greeted his claims with skepticism, he continues to maintain popularity among UFO enthusiasts.

Rep. Tim Burchett

Rep. Tim Burchett is a Republican congressman from Tennessee where he’s been a vocal advocate for the disclosure of information about UFOs. While his perspective on UFOs has garnered mixed reactions, it aligns with the increasing public interest surrounding the subject.

Current “Leaks”

The Nimitz Encounter

This video, taken by Navy pilots off the coast of California, shows a group of unidentified objects performing maneuvers that defy known aviation technology. Since its release to the public in 2017, the video has ignited extensive debates and speculations, captivating the attention of many.


Taken by Navy pilots, this footage shows a solitary UAP exhibiting inexplicable rotational and directional changes. Released to the public in 2020, the video has undergone scrutiny from experts who have been unable to ascertain the nature of the object.

“Go Fast”

Once more, Navy pilots captured this footage, revealing an unidentified object hurtling through the skies at an astonishingly high velocity. The object swiftly passes by a jet, with its speed estimated to be “fast.”

Phoenix Lights

Additionally, this video captures a cluster of unidentified objects soaring over Phoenix, Arizona. Witnessed by thousands and garnering substantial media coverage, these objects have sparked widespread intrigue.


The Roswell incident is one of the most famous UFO events in history. In July 1947, a rancher near Roswell, New Mexico found debris that he believed to be from a flying saucer. The military initially claimed that the debris was from a weather balloon, but later retracted that statement.

What’s To Come

As public openness to the possibility of extraterrestrial life reaches its peak, the upcoming Congressional hearing becomes a pivotal moment to reveal the government’s knowledge of this mystery. Moreover, recent news highlights an extraordinary bipartisan effort, as Democrats and Republicans introduce legislation demanding the release of concrete evidence.

Are we on the brink of potentially earth-shattering revelations?