These Timberwolves Still Deserve Their Pack

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Part of being a Minnesota sports fan is dealing with heartbreak, and after so many tragedies it starts to get a bit predictable. For most of our teams, it’s good but never great, and a gigantic letdown come playoff time. The exception to that has always been the Timberwolves.

For most of their existence, they have been the most losing team in all of Big-4 American sports. As many from the cities will recall, you used to be able to get their tickets by stocking up at Cub Foods.

This year has been a break from that norm, and the Wolves have been a spark in an otherwise depressing year around Minnesota. The Vikings were injury-prone and imploded. The Twins are so up and down it doesn’t seem like they’ll keep up in the division. The Wild are still trying to wait out some contracts that have held them back for what feels like forever. The Timberwolves are the team that drafted their stars, executed the big trades, and found young and/or undervalued talent to build a sound roster.

The T-pups were at the top of the West all year and dealt with a weirdo tiebreaker to fall down to the 3-seed. Did this discourage a team with virtually no playoff experience? Absolutely not, as they go on to sweep the Suns (just Kevin Durant, no big deal).

But then it was on to the defending champions, featuring arguably the best player on earth today. We took the first two on the road! We are unsto-oh my god we just lost three in a row. That’s it, surely this is where we become Minnesota again, right? WRONG. Win games 6 and 7, and we’re on to the conference championship for the first time in 20 years (Bring Ya Ass is born).

Now look, I get it. We lost three straight to Dallas, and no team in NBA history has come back from that large of a deficit. Winning game 4 likely just prolonged the inevitable. But you know what? I’m TIRED of being pessimistic. I’m TIRED of not soaking up big moments because of what might come next. And you know what else? These Timberwolves have PROVEN that they aren’t the Timberwolves of years past. So they might lose in the WCF. So what? Do you remember who we’re talking about here?

These Timberwolves deserve their fans supporting them the entire way, and going down with the ship if that’s how it goes. They’re playing their asses off, and leaving everything they have on the court for our state. I want every single fan to start believing in the impossible. There’s a first time for everything, so why not us?

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