thicc boi summer cam

Thicc Boi Summer is the Post COVID Banger We All Need


The summer of 2020 got to us all. We were all stuck at home binge-watching shows or counting down the hours till the next tee time. There was nothing to do, gyms were closed, and people were going stir crazy. Fast forward to the Summer of 2021, everything is starting to open back up, there are actually things to do again, and summer actually feels like summer!

There is one thing that does bug me about this summer, however, and that’s the fact that this summer has been dubbed, “Hot Boy Summer” (or Hot Girl Summer depending on who you ask). With nothing to do for most of 2020, a lot of people ended up gaining a little bit of quarantine weight. Sure, some people took initiative and got into shape, good for them. But if you were anything like me and my friends, you probably slowly morphed into Jabba the Hutt.

thicc boi summer jabba


This summer, let’s just embrace that we don’t have our normal “summer bodies”. Let’s save hot boi summer for next year. It’s time to officially dub the summer of 2021 THICC BOI SUMMER. In order for it to truly be Thicc Boi summer, we here at 10k realized we had to create an anthem for all the big guys out there. So here it is ladies and gentlemen, prepare to listen to the hottest jam of the summer, THICC BOI SUMMER:

Credit to BoolJack, who did a great job with the shoot! We filmed this and 12 hours later we had the final cut ready for your consumption. And credit to Tom Robin and Dices for creating such a sick beat for us to showcase our skills over. Go give it a watch or seven, then go out and live your truth as a thicc boi (or girl) this summer!