What’s the deal with Thielen’s TV?

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Week 12 in the NFL came and went for the Vikings, leaving them with a much-needed game in the win column. Adam Thielen was not at the game due to contact tracing for COVID-19 precautions. Instead, he was caught on video celebrating the win at home. The video showed the excited hometown hero but also included a mind-boggling TV placement that has sparked a heated debate online.

That TV placement is…something

At first glance, people like myself assumed this was one of multiple TV’s in the living room based on where it was. He’s a professional athlete and a noted sports guy; it would be a setup that would make sense and make any guy jealous. However, the camera panned to follow him while he was celebrating only to show there was no other TV. There was an empty fireplace and another side accentuating just how far in the corner this TV is. Twitter took note.

The Accusations

Reddit had Thoughts
Size Queens weighed in
Watch out Chip and Joanna

I will not join the mob of size queens online shaming him for how big it is, because it’s totally adequate and nothing to be embarrassed about, okay! With that being said, what’s the deal here? There was a lot of talk about TV height and eye-strain from the gaming community, but no consoles to be found so consider that myth BUSTED. A single recliner placed in front of the TV was in frame, which would be fine for a single guy, but Thielen’s a family man.

A normal, fully-functioning and well-adjusted person would let this go, but not me. I’m here for the people, and I need answers. Like the conspiracy theorists investigating the JFK assassination, all I needed was a second angle. Something that showed the rest of the room before I could pass judgment. Luckily for me, his lovely wife Caitlin posted more videos showing the rest of the room.

The Evidence

There it was plain as day, a normal sectional sofa, set directly in the center of the room as it should be. All of the evidence has been put in front of me, but I’m left with more questions than answers at this point. With a large sectional sofa in the middle of the room, why on earth would the TV be pushed so far to the right. When you have young kids full of energy, why is it so close to the height of a toddler’s fist? How long before dancing Santa “loses his batteries” and doesn’t make any more sound? Why wasn’t it put on the fireplace like HGTV would dictate? What is the deal with Thielen’s TV?