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Things Justin Jefferson Could Buy with His New Contract

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably caught wind that the Vikings star receiver Justin Jefferson just came into some new money.

As Schefty said, Jets is now the highest-paid non-QB in NFL history, and it’d be hard to argue he doesn’t deserve it. Given that I’m nowhere near the competitor that he is, the number that I noticed is that $88 million guaranteed at signing. Contrary to how it reads, that actually doesn’t mean he gets a Venmo from the Wilfs for $88 Million; rather, that’s the portion of the contract that is his FOR SURE. Quit, cut, traded, doesn’t matter, that $88 Million is his.

So what if he took the easy way out, and called it a career tomorrow? Please for the love of god don’t do it, but here are a few things he could buy to fill his free time. (Disclaimer: I am neither a lawyer nor an accountant. Don’t be a buzzkill if this isn’t how it works).

A Complete NHL Roster

He’d be a better owner than Norm Green, am I right fellas?

Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s House

Why choose the dinner with Jay-Z when you can be his roommate? I don’t think I’d ever get away from that fire pit next to the infinity pool. To be fair, you could buy a lot of mansions for $88 Million, but this one has to come with the most Grammys.

An Island in the Bahamas

Gotta admit, this feels like a great price for a private island. Relative to the payday he just locked up, this seems like a no-brainer. A busy guy like JJ, I’m sure he’d love a place away from it all to unwind. But how will he get there? well…

A Private Jet

Ooh, it’s even on sale! But seriously, one of these things with an Air Jettas painted on the side? It’s too perfect not to.

In conclusion, we’re pretty lucky that Justin Jefferson is such a massive competitor. He’s going to continue working hard, making highlights, and winning football games for the Minnesota Vikings. Better than me, if we’re being honest. I’d be on my private jet to my island the second I cashed that check. Skol Vikes.

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