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We’ve wrapped up week 18 of the 2023 Vikings season, and we’re finally out of our own misery. No matter what you think the reason is, it’s safe to say this was a disappointing year for our boys in purple. Injuries, let downs, and questionable play-calling defined a year that was a major step back in vibes compared to last year’s run. While it can be hard to get up for a final game that is most likely meaningless, let’s take a look at a few things that Vikings fans can look forward to in an off-season with a lot of unknowns.

Start up the Quarterback Discourse Again

Kirk Cousins celebrates a victory, 2022
Nov 24, 2022; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins (8) celebrates the win after the game against the New England Patriots at U.S. Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports

As if it ever really stopped. It’s no secret that Kirk Cousins has been in MN on a fully guaranteed deal for years, with “mixed reviews” from fans and media alike. The wrinkle this year is that his current deal is expiring as he was playing at (arguably) an MVP level before a tragic Achilles injury ended his season.

This is the most tired talking point for this team, and I don’t think anyone really knows the answer. Ditch him for a young guy? Draft someone to sit behind him for a year? Re-sign and trust the process? Hell if I know, but I promise you everyone else thinks they do,

Everyone’s a Salary Cap Expert

Madden Salary Cap Menu

In the same vein, we’ve got a lot of stars that are going to be looking for their money. Aside from Kirk, we just made Hock the top-paid TE in the league, have an elite pass rusher in Hunter who’s due, and this young receiver you might’ve heard of who we want to give a few bucks to.

I’ve long been an advocate that the cap isn’t real, pay everyone and figure it out later. It won the Rams a Super Bowl, right? However, seeing the mess that got them into, not to mention the scrap-job the Saints are about to need, maybe we want to be a bit smarter than that. If one of them is going to go, my bet is on Hunter, but where does that leave our defense? Why can’t all my favorite players just stay forever.

The Packers and Bears Might be Getting Good

Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears logos

We already know that the Lions look like they’re here to stay, and I think everyone feels happy for them a little bit longer. What I didn’t factor for, however, is the Bears putting together a strong end to the year, and the Packers starting to look like themselves a bit. Now, neither team is all the way there yet, but look at the trajectories. Is it finally our time to be the basement dwellers of the north? Can’t wait.

The Sun Will Absorb the Earth and End All Life

Sun swallowing the earth

The end of times will put us all out of our misery. We won’t have to deal with this team anymore, and we’ll finally know peace. No more 1-score heartbreaks, no more listening to everyone know better. No more fumbles, no more injuries. Just the sweet, sweet release of darkness. This is the main think that Vikings fans can look forward to.

Wolves Back.

Naz Reid

Naz Reid.