Things We Don’t Talk About Enough: AP Does ‘Let’s Play Hockey’


In honor of the NHL Draft next week, I thought we’d take a look back at the most forgotten moment in Minnesota Wild history, and quite literally the best Let’s Play Hockey call of all time. Adrian Peterson is a madman for this one.

I fucking love this so much. How are we not talking about this every single day? I have not stopped thinking about it since.

Nobody in the entire arena was more caught off guard by AP being on camera than AP. Microphone in hand, standing on the tower with an announcer introducing him, and he is still so confused as to why there’s a camera in front of him.

“Who? Me!?”

“Yes, AP. It’s for you. Remember the whole thing we went over 5 minutes ago?”

Then he proceeds to completely disregard the entire reason why he’s there in the first place and go absolutely rogue. He’s there to say three words. Everyone before him has managed to say them, and everyone since has said them, but not our guy AP. This man tore every ligament in his knee and came back 8 months later to win MVP and nearly broke the NFL rushing record while doing so, but please for the love of God, do not ask this man to read 3 words in a row. AP, the words are on the screen in gigantic letters right in front of you my guy. Not only does he not read the words correctly, but he also adds entirely new words to the phrase. I love this level of ‘I don’t give a fuck, I’m doing my own thing’ so much.

By far my favorite part of the whole thing is watching him try to hype up the crowd that clearly has no idea what the fuck just happen.

Do you know how bad you have to butcher “Let’s Play Hockey” to not get a huge reaction from your home fans when you’re Adrian fucking Peterson? He had just led the NFL in rushing before this, people are dying to cheer for him, but nobody knows what in the world to think after that. I love it.

Never change, AP, never change.

Besides that whole beating your kids with a stick thing, you can probably change that.