This Is The Perfect Bye Week From Sports Betting

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What a long and fun ride it’s been. Thinking back to week one of college football that first week in September feels like a lifetime ago. In-between then and now we’ve had 4 months of ups and downs, accompanied by tears of joy and defeat. But us sports bettors deserve a break now more than ever. Not only do we have to worry about how the Vikings will let us down, but also the other 31 teams in the league. And on top of that? We got basketball and hockey to deal with too! (amongst the other random things degenerate sports bettors can bet on) The teams and other fans get a bye week so we should too. This is the perfect bye week from sports betting.

The Obvious Reason

Obviously I’m not going to bet on the Pro Bowl because it is fucking stupid, but it’s not all the Pro Bowl Game’s fault. It’s also my own fault.

If you’ve listened to 10k Bets Live at all and followed any of my picks the past few weeks I truly apologize. I actually had a pretty decent NFL season but this past week just took it out of me. I had Eagles ML which I obviously won but the game was so shitty it was the saddest money I’ve ever won. It almost felt like stealing. Sorry to the chump on BettorEdge that took the 49ers. You are a loser. But what really got me was that second game.

I don’t want to take anything away from the Chiefs…except that win against the Bengals. After that game the common civilians probably said something like, “Wow, what a crazy ending.” If you had Bengals ML or the Bengals with the points you probably said something like, “I want to rip my eyes out of my head.”

How can you make that call in that situation? Yeah he pushed him as he was going out but give me a god damn break. The refs and the NFL know damn well what’s on the line in these games. Not only a trip to the Super Bowl for one team, but my money!!!!! Money that, if I had won, I would have used to buy some dope ass pillows for the couch that I bought with previous winnings. Instead, I almost threw my new couch out the fucking window. I’m fine with losing as I’m a responsible bettor. But to feel like I was robbed? Not as much of a fan of that.

Time For Reflection And Prayer

After being robbed like that I think it’s best for me to take a step back and reevaluate my strategy before the big game. I will absolutely be tempted by NHL, NBA, etc. But I need to be prepared for the Super Bowl. How long is the national anthem? Heads or tails? Opening kickoff a touchback? Chiefs +2.5?! OVER?! UNDER?!?!

See? I’m already overwhelmed. Take the entire week off and gear up for and awesome game next Saturday boys and girls. This is the perfect bye week from sports betting.