This Mauling Wolves Defense is Here to Pounce


The Wolves are putting the whole world on notice right now. They took both games in Denver and are looking absolutely electric. At the head of this success is this all-world defense. These Wolves are here to maul you. These Wolves live for mauling.

What we are witnessing is now reaching mythic levels. Any true Wolves fan understands my feeling. Are we dreaming? Is this a joke? Somehow, some way, it isn’t. As we know, the job isn’t finished.

Things can change very fast and that sadly would be on brand. It’s always something with Minnesota teams. It was Finch getting hurt, then Rudy being out for his kid but so far we have prevailed. I want to say it almost seems like….destiny.

I mean it is all setting up perfectly isn’t it?! Ant is becoming the face of the league. So many guys winning individual rewards. Then just playing for Finchy and being locked in as a family. There are so many signs and I don’t want to get my hopes up but my goodness things are looking good right now.


We all know this was the number one ranked defense but what they did in game 2 was legendary. They put everyone on notice, especially people who aren’t very familiar with us. Just look at some of the things people were saying about this mauling Wolves defense..

This team has absolute dogs up and down the lineup. Everyone has adopted that mentality and it is just a unit that is so locked in right now. Just look at NAW smiling while guarding Jamal. What a sicko.

THIS WAS WITHOUT RUDY GOBERT TOO. Who, by the way, just received his 4th DPOY. Congrats big Ru. It is pretty clear that was one of the best defensive performances ever, and that’s obvious even without my green and blue tinted shades. I mean, just look at the play with Jaden and NAW, my god is that special. This was also in Denver too and they had them rattled. They did not have answers for us at all. I mean just look how mad we made Jamal Murray.

Jamal Murray is BROKEN

This whiny bitch threw a heating pack on the court because he was so flustered. The best part about this is that usually Jamal is very composed and the mauling Wolves have broken him. Never would I think the Wolves would be breaking someone but here we are.

He also got the same fine that Rudy did for simply doing the money sign. If you don’t recall, in game 1 that Jamal did the guns celebration and didn’t get a T. But Ant did for simply staring at KCP (even if it was retroactively rescinded.) Make it make sense. I know it’s the playoffs so they probably wouldn’t suspend someone but that really could’ve hurt someone. They are setting a bad precedent by not suspending him but it is what it is. Things usually don’t go our way so we will overcome!

Uncharted Territory

These are waters the Wolves have never tread in. Having a player be compared to MJ. Sweeping an opponent in the first round Having a historic defense or being up 2-0 on the defending champs in the second round. We need to keep our foot on their neck and end this series. Do not let them come into Target Center and get any hope at all.

I expect game 3 at Target Center to be the loudest it has ever been. I’m not going to look forward to the next series, this is still MN sports we are talking about. Just go out there and kill them and rip out any hope they have. They are on the rope right now and if we hit them hard to start they might completely fold. The Nuggets better not let this mauling Wolves defense pounce on them yet again.

Enjoy the Ride

At the end of the day I am a Wolves fan, pain is always just around the corner. Something truly does feel different though this year. I really, really have a good feeling about this but I won’t say much more. Regardless, I will savor every moment of this. We need to make some noise at Target Center, don’t even give them a chance. I can’t wait for the rest of this series and we will talk soon. Let’s go WOLVES! And remember, like a famous philosopher once said… ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!!!

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