This Team is SPECIAL


Night in and night out this team is continuing to show us they are for real. We have waited a long time for this Wolves fans. This team is special. 

Well, Wolves fans, I think we know for sure that this team is SPECIAL. It was always in the back of my mind that it was a joke, I’m being pranked. That is just what I’ve come to expect as a long-tenured Wolves fan. It is safe to say that is not the case, this squad is different. They showed it again versus Jimmy fraud and the Heat.

How we got here 

There are a handful of reasons we are at this point. Whether it is Ant, Kat, Rudy, or the bench. One thing is the leading force. That is the defense. 

With the league becoming more fast-paced and offensive-focused, it is hard to believe a team is winning with D. That team being the Wolves is even more astonishing. To have an identity finally and it to be a smothering defense brings tears to my eyes. The years of just getting picked apart are no more. 

Now we know the league is offensive-focused now but some of the recent champs did have elite defenses. So it still is very important. Even this year the Celtics have a top defense and are first in the East. It matters and it probably matters even more come playoff time. To talk about focusing on the playoffs at this point doesn’t feel real either. That is where we are at though. We are built to make a big run and I genuinely think it’s possible. Having this identity from now on will only raise our chances. 

From Rudy to Naw, to Jaden, we are loaded with elite defenders. The fact they are putting it all together from a team perspective is beautiful, they have a shot to do something extraordinary this year. 


The offense has been decent but they just know when to turn it on. Our clutch numbers are amazing, in part to Ant but it is the whole team. When Kat is dominating it just clicks. They are lethal and can turn on any moment. To have that ability makes me think they have a REAL chance. They can do something SPECIAL. They could change the narrative around this team in a massive way. 

Specific plays like this are so important and telling. To have a guy that can do stuff like this in the clutch will be MASSIVE come the playoffs. Now Ant does tend to do the hero ball stuff. The thing is though, to have a guy who is willing to take over and can take over is huge. Sure, I would rather run actual offense in these situations, especially when he isn’t shooting well. When he is on though this will be HUGE. There have been instances a few times this year where Ant is in this situation and he makes the extra pass instead of taking the tough shot. To see that growth is huge, he is learning to make the right play, even in situations like this.


One thing that needs to improve though is the first quarter struggles. I know I am kind of finding something to complain about but if they want to win a ring, they can’t be coming out like that in the playoffs. Now luckily it hasn’t hurt us because we are the best 2nd half team of all time now. Still, they have to figure it out a bit earlier if they want to compete for a ring.

Truly it feels like a fever dream. We even have Charles Barkley complimenting us?! Anyone who doesn’t know, he has ripped us SOOOOO HARD the past few years, so it almost doesn’t even feel like this is real. This season could not have started better, and I genuinely think it will continue to be amazing. This team is SPECIAL. We deserve this Wolves fans, let’s enjoy the ride and not take it for granted. HOWLLLLLLLLLL