Throwback Tuesday: Pavel Bure & Asad Abdul Khaliq

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We’ve all seen the meme, “Guys can literally sit around all day and just name random athletes from each sport.” This got me thinking, how can I turn the meme, which is 100% true, into a weekly blog. Say hello to Throwback Tuesdays, a blog dedicated to the most random players I can think off, as well as superstars from our childhood that I want the younger generation to learn about.

Since this is blog 1 in hopefully a long series, I wanted to highlight 2 players. One legend and one guy who I grew up with that should get some more shine.

Pavel Bure

To the average hockey fan that name might not mean much. To those who have loved the game since day 1, he’s an absolute legend. The first legit Russian superstar and a threat to score every time he stepped on the ice. Check out this clip of his first ever shift in the NHL. A game breaker from the start.

Sadly, the only thing that could derail the Russian Rocket was chronic injuries. He finished his short Hall of Fame career with 702 totals games, 437 goals and 342 assists.

Asad Abdul Khaliq

I grew up in Montana and was immediately spoiled by good college football. My dad was classmates with Montana/CFL legend Dave Dickinson who led the Griz to a National Title in 1995. We would later move to Canada and eventually Minnesota. I would look to the U for my next hero. Enter Asad Abdul Khaliq. I want to say he was electric but I never saw him play a game on TV. My family was very poor and we didn’t get our first TV until 2004. I would listen to every Gopher football game on WCCO and no one had a cooler name than Asad. Looking back at his stats now, he didn’t have the greatest numbers but he rarely had to throw. At that time the Gophers were producing top end Offensive Lineman (shout out Greg Eslinger and Mark Setterstrom) and NFL running backs like Marion Barber III, Laurence Maroney and others.