Tiger Woods is BACK!!


That’s right! Tiger Woods is BACK…as a playable character in 2K! After years of rumors, it’s finally happening! Tiger Woods is coming back to gaming consoles in a BIG way. In a statement this morning, 2K sports announced that they came to an agreement to partner with the greatest golfer of all time. Excuse me while I change my shorts.


We haven’t been able to play as Tiger since PGA 2014. That game was released 8 years ago! There hasn’t been any news on if he’ll be added to the 2K21 game yet or if we’ll have to wait until next year. Whenever that happens, it’ll be one of the biggest sports releases on all consoles.

The 2K golf franchise is based on HBStudios “The Golf Club” playing platform. Unlike the old PGA games, you’re not going to be shooting 30-under every round. The play is more realistic and often times more frustrating than getting stream sniped in your spawn 30 times in a row. Just ask @Bossman_10K about how his last round went.

With Tiger’s actual playing future in serious jeopardy, this news is about as good as we could hope for right now. Driving ranges are opening soon and our friends at Golf Zone in Chaska have bays ready to dial in the swing before then. They were kind enough to host the 7th Avenue Pizza Challenge last night and the place was, and is, immaculate.

There are few things in this world better than golfing with your crew. The duffed chips, hosel rockets, and power fades into another fairway. All this leading in to the turn where you convince yourself a hotdog will fix it all. When you get a rained out from the links, it’s nice to fall back on swinging sticks as Tiger at home. Welcome back, we’ve missed you.