Tim “Chili Hot” Brewster is Going on an Absolute Block Fest with Everyone On Twitter

Football Gophers

Instead of bringing you down memory lane with former Minnesota Football Head Coach, Tim Brewster’s famous quotes, I’ll let Onside Kicking Coach, Mike Hawk do it for me:

So why is Brewster’s name coming back up here after getting fired from the University of Minnesota in 2010? Because he’s been hired by Jackson State to be on Dion Sanders’s coaching staff.

Hell of a headline Rand, well done

Because his name has been circulating the news once again, Gopher Football fans have been reminiscing about the “Brew” days by either congratulating him and highlighting the good things he’s done in his past, as well as trolling the absolute shit out of him. Either way, he only has one response to both scenarios:

The best part about this is that some of these people have never even tweeted at the guy. I honestly believe his true intention is to block everyone either living in or associated with the state of Minnesota. Not a single person in this vicinity, or who has ever been near this vicinity, is safe. Your third cousin went to Minneapolis 10 years ago on a business trip? Blocked. You liked a tweet that mentioned Dinkytown? Blocked. You drove on 35W, even though it was in Texas? Blocked.

Firstly, part of anyone’s career is making mistakes and dealing with the backlash. The deal is that Brewster wasn’t fit to be a head coach, but the fact that he got a call from Deion Sanders is pretty fucking cool in my book. Either he doesn’t understand Twitter or I don’t understand his strategy, but at the end of the day this whole #BlockedByBrew movement is the best thing you’ll see all off-season.