Tim Connelly Was Right

(Photo by David Berding/Getty Images)

It’s as simple as that

Hey, Tim Connelly I’ll be the first one to say it. I’m stupid, You’re smart, I was wrong. You were right. I thought trading all of our first-round picks for an aging veteran was dumb. But, here we sit. The wolves are number one in the west and have been for weeks. Rudy looks completely different from last year, his defense has been incredible. Mike Conley has been the perfect starting point guard to get everyone in the offense involved. At the same time, he provides a mature presence on the court with a fairly cheap contract. Not to forget we got Nickel Alexander Walker in the trade as well.

Sometimes you just need to give it time

After the Timberwolves lackluster start last year and the injury to Karl Anthony Towns. People were calling Tim Connelly a moron and, the trade of Rudy one of the worst trades in NBA history. Where are we a year later? Rudy Gobert is anchoring the best defense in the NBA as he and his teammates sit atop the west at 15-4. When we look at where we were last year both things can be right, but it’s the long game that counts.

In all honesty, Rudy looked like shit last year. He didn’t jell well with teammates, he wasn’t in the best shape, and in the short time he and Karl Anthony Towns were on the court together, it looked like two guys who couldn’t and wouldn’t play well together. He came in this year a new man, healthy energized, and ready to win. To put it lightly, It showed. Along with Ant taking another step to superstardom. Karl Anthony Towns has taken a step in fitting in and being the best player for this team that he can be. Instead of quick kneejerk decisions he chose the long game. Giving Chris Finch the right roster to succeed and not firing him over some late-blown leads last year.

Not to Overreact, But…

Listen I get it. This all could blow up. Rudy could fall off the wagon, their defense could go to shit and this whole blog could be one giant tweet for Old Takes Exposed. Were only twenty games in and sometimes it’s just fun to be good. For once. I’ve watched some horrible, horrible Timberwolves teams.

Some teams that didn’t get to 15 wins by January, and I wish I was kidding. The Wolves have held the Number one seed in the Western Conference for more days this season than they have the rest of their 34-year existence combined. Let’s get Ant and Jaden Healthy and keep this winning machine going. It’s not like the rest of Minnesota Sports are anything to write home about right now.

Best in the West, take all those picks and some more because we do not need them. The Wolves are for real and here to stay.