Tim Hardaway JR is a BITCH, Who Couldn’t Handle a Courtside Timberwolves Fan.


Last night the Timberwolves DOMINATED the injured Dallas Mavericks. The 34-point win comes thanks to a huge performance in the 2nd half that saw the Wolves dominated 69-39.

We even got our BELOVED Luka Garza minutes which did not disappoint as usual.

But Anyway Let’s Get Back To The Real Reason We Are Here

If you are familiar with the Timberwolves I’m sure you know exactly who superfan Jordan Dye is (Can click his name for his story).

You can find him sitting courtside at every Timberwolves game, always in the same spot right near half-court. The only thing different might be the color of his hair.

@JordanDye On X

Last night though it seems that Tim Hardaway JR couldn’t handle a simple comment from our courtside superfan. One as simple as “That was a bad shot”

Tim Hardaway JR just went straight to the “I’m a Bitch” club. Yes he’s an NBA player but he obviously never grew up going to local parks to hoop, or the YMCA. Soft little baby that couldn’t handle the spotlight with the Mavs top players dealing with injuries.

#1 Option Tim Hardaway Jr Stat Line

14 POINTS ON 16 SHOTS (5/16), 2/10 3PT, -32 +/- (Next Closest -23).

Just Watch This Video… BAD SHOT X10

Tim Hardaway JR should have every courtside fan heckling him for the rest of the year if this is what happens. I understand he usually has, Luka & Kyrie to hide behind but not last night. Seriously what a little bitch, maybe you shoulda listened to Jordan Dye because he wasn’t lying when he said bad shots. How many bricks and front rims did he need to hit before realizing he should probably just not shoot the ball anymore? 32 minutes, -32 +/-! GREAT JOB TIMMY!


Certified snitch. Complain, complain, complain. The Coaches, refs, and security were probably all looking at him like where the fuck is the lie at? They all just witnessed you shoot up enough bricks to keep the 3 little pigs safe from that fox.

Tim Hardaway JR Brick House
Still True Over A Year Later.

Final Thoughts

I hope everyone reading this sees how big of a crybaby Mr. “Hard”away JR really is. You can’t put up a performance like that and cry about a fan. Some guys just can’t handle the pressure of being the #1 option and luckily for Timmy boy help should be back soon.

But for now let’s see what else Jordan Dye had to say about Tim Hardaway after the game.


Would Be Quite A Fun Series…

(Don’t have to worry about Tim That Series)

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