Time for ANT to Take Over!

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Once again it’s one of the most exciting times for me as a sports fan, basketball season! That also means a lot of sadness most likely because of the Wolves. 

Things will be different this year! I’ve been telling myself that for quite some time, unfortunately. Being a Wolves fan, most of us just want to be competitive, entertaining, and to fight for a playoff spot. I don’t even care if they get swept, just make the playoffs. This year… I think it’s actually possible. 

The Wolves were not healthy last year and it showed. They were miserable most of the year. Missing DLo for time and missing KAT for time. The only time we were even okay was to end the year when we had KAT, DLo, and Ant all together. Ant looked like a different guy in the second half and if he keeps that up it could be an exciting year for our fans.


The #1 question for this team is, can Ant take that next step? He showed signs of stardom in the second half of the year. He was outstanding. If he plays at that level this team could battle for a playoff spot, which is all you can ask for. 

He needs to be better on defense, but reports are he has looked a lot better in camp on that side of the ball. Chris Finch thinks so too.

What are realistic numbers for Ant? I’m not even sure, my expectations are probably too high because I’m a homer, but could he average 23-25 a game? I truly think so, if not, he will at some point in the next handful of years. He just needs to be involved in all aspects: scoring, dishing the ball, and getting boards too. We can’t have him out here being like…Wiggins. Makes me sick saying that name. 


I do believe Ant takes the next step and becomes the alpha on this team. He will be the leader come year end. If we are to make the playoffs it’s going to come down to him. My prediction for Ant is 22 PPG, 5 RPG, and 4 APG. We ride with Ant.

Record: 42-40

That is my prediction for our record…IF we are healthy throughout the year, and that is a big if considering this team’s recent history. The addictions of Pat Bev and Taurean Prince will be big-time and will help this team get over the bump that will make them a playoff team.