Time To Drive Fast and Eat Ass… NASCAR is Back


Ladies and gentleman the time has come, NASCAR is back! The exhilarating sport full of left turns that is NASCAR is here once again. Everyone grab your Cheetos and Busch Light because it is time to drive fast and eat some ass!

Seriously though Daytona is this weekend and I could not be more excited because not only does it mean that NASCAR is back but it means we are in the best time of the year for sports. It started with the Super Bowl, now Daytona, then March Madness, and The Masters. All of these events are awesome excuses to get totally shit faced with some of your best buds.

If you are new to the sport and thinking about watching Daytona there is one thing I can promise, you will not see a right turn. But for all you bitches who say “It’s just a bunch of left turns… how boring…” I’d like to see you take a left turn at 200 MPH. Also we have road courses too you ignorant fucks.

Alright boys its time to catch a buzz and let your mullets fly, the day we have all been waiting for is here! Today will be a great day as long as Kyle Busch doesn’t win… because fuck Kyle Busch.




Lets Go Racing Boys!