Time to Get Topless in Minneapolis

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Per Star Tribune: The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board voted Wednesday to allow anyone to go topless in the city’s parks without being ticketed.

I can already picture it, Chad just got done with his 5-hour shift at his Dad’s bank, hops in his Rover, grabs some claws, and hits the park because “Tits are out for the Bois”. Seriously though, this is actually a huge step towards a level of equality. If I can go to a park and wave my gut in the wind but someone else can’t because they’re another gender, that’s kinda fucked.

With every Karen and their sister arguing about exposing children, this begs a great question for the media (Tucker Carlson Voice)… Is Park Board Commissioner Chris Meyer actually trying to create quality, or is he just a massive pervert? I guess we won’t know until we see the roster of dudes sitting in the parking lot with binoculars.

Want to know what else is bananas? Apparently, women are already allowed to be topless on the streets in Minneapolis, but not in parks. Who else knew that? Just another classic 2020 twist.