Time To Pack Up The Trash! The Border Battle Preview

Football Vikings

Here we are folks a week before Thanksgiving, and things are starting to get interesting in the NFL. Crazy that we’re already to the holidays and we still have no clue what type of club the Minnesota Vikings are. Are they bad? Are they good? Who knows! Every week, we rise or sink to the level of our opponent. Last week was interesting, considering you could apply the same sentence to the Chargers. Getting the dub out west was huge, and now it’s Packer week. Let’s get into the Border Battle preview!

Who Will Do THIS To Aaron Rodgers?

aaron rodgers gets shell shocked - will it happen again in the border battle?
best meme of the 2021 season IMO

Playing Aaron Rodgers is like dealing with the regular customer who is picky as fuck. You never know what’s going to happen, good or bad. Rodgers can’t yell at the fans at USBS saying he owns us, only boasting a 15-9-1 record. Still a winning record, but he doesn’t own us for shit.

Last season was a good example of the relationship we have dealing with him. Week 1 he comes out and torches our non-existent secondary, Week 8 he did nearly the same thing, until D.J. Wonnum killed him.

PA is legendary, this just in.

This week marks the returns of P2 from injury and Harrison Smith from the Covid list. Having Harry The Bitman back (sorry, PA) will make a huge difference against Rodgers. But with the possibility of D.J Wonnum being out, the D-line situation looks bleak against a guy that can kill you with time in the pocket.

Offense = Full Send

Typically, your success in sports is directly related to how many points you score. Crazy concept, right? The Vikings ramped up the O and got aggressive against the Chargers and it paid off nicely. Now, let’s see that every damn week! Our offense is far too good for us to be held under 20 points a game. The offense needs to stay the way of passive aggressive, just like their fans. Haha get it? Like passing to be aggressive, but also passiv– nevermind.

Bad fucking pun aside, it still doesn’t deny the fact that the Vikings playmakers need to lead us to glory. Last time we faced the green and gold garbage pails, Dalvin Cook had a hell of a game. In case you forgot.

Prediction: Vikings 27, Packers 23. The Purple are back in the hunt after a nice Border Battle W 😈 #skol