TNF- Chargers @ Chiefs (Best Bets + How To Watch).

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TNF returns tonight with two AFC West rivals ready to square off. The Chiefs started off the season with a dominating 44-21 win over the Cardinals. Patrick Mahomes didn’t seem to be missing Tyreek Hill throwing for 360 yards to go along with 5 TD’S.

The Chargers also started their season on a high note, avenging last year’s end-of-the-season loss with a 24-19 win over the Raiders. Justin Herbert also looked like an MVP candidate throwing for 279 yards to go along with 3 TD’S (although he is no Kirk Cousins am I right?).

Both teams will look to start their season 2-0 while also gaining the early season lead in the AFC West. Vegas is expecting fireworks on the offensive side with the O/U currently showing at 54. Oddsmakers have also set the Chiefs @ -4 point favorites in this huge TNF week 2 matchup.

Betting Preview

Primetime games always seem so much more fun to bet on. In week 4 the Bears face the Commanders on TNF and I’ll still find a way to be pumped. Here are my best three bets for this week’s TNF matchup.

1. 1H U26.5 (-110)

Vegas set the total deservingly high at 54 for these two teams. The oddsmakers 100% know people will be taking this over regardless of the number set. Instead of taking the full game under, I’m going to be taking the 1H under. In a game where everyone has huge offensive expectations, I think both teams defenses will answer the bell early. Could this bet easily be dead by the 2nd Quarter? Of course, but I expect it to be something like 3-0 or 7-3 after the first. Both teams will risk it on short 4th downs which means one big defensive stop early could decide its fate. If you prefer to bet the full game total I also favor U54. Don’t be shocked if there’s a lot of scoring in the 4th quarter that puts that under in jeopardy though folks.

2. Chargers +175 (Also +4)

This line seems like a straight-up trap… My only problem is I can’t figure out which way they are trying to trap us. Originally I was on the Chiefs at home until I thought about how good they played last week. Something with my gambling senses is screaming it’s a huge letdown week for the Chiefs. Arrowhead Stadium will be rocking but I’m sticking true to my predicted MVP Justin Herbert. Keenan Allan being out is a huge blow, but Herbert will have his first MVP moment of the year. Look for the Chargers defense to also send a message this week by minimizing Mahomes damage.

3. Successful 2PT Conversion (+265)

Each year one of my favorite bets is YES on a successful 2PT conversion during prime-time games. Whenever it’s a high O/U total there always seems to be multiple chances for this bet to hit. The Chiefs not having Butker makes me like this bet more as the leash may be shorter with their kicker. There’s great value in this bet IMO at +265. Both teams are fully capable of going for it and succeeding which will be the case tonight.

How To Watch…

Amazon Prime decided to make everything hard and buy the rights to TNF games leaving only a couple of options for people to watch. Here are my best three options for watching every TNF game.

1. Buy Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime charges $139 a year ($15.99/Month) or you can just buy the Prime Video for 8.99 a month. Although that isn’t too expensive I will not be supporting this stupid decision made by the NFL. The NFL knows everyone wants to watch these primetime games and decided to find a way to make even more $$$. If you haven’t signed up for Prime you can get a free 30-day trial, which you could utilize to watch 4 games.

2. Bar

When Amazon Prime announced its partnership with the NFL for TNF, everyone wondered what bars would do. It wasn’t long before they also announced a deal with bars + other places to be able to stream the games. You can never go wrong watching a football game in a bar.. which is why it’s my favorite option. Yes, I know the game usually ends late which is a disaster sometimes for an early Friday. Live a little bit and don’t worry about Friday morning till Friday morning. Do yourself a favor and go watch the game at your local bar.

3. Stream It

#3 is the option that I know 85% of people will be doing every Thursday Night. There are tons of different streams that will be out there each Thursday, the hardest part is just finding the perfect one. I’m not condoning watching sporting events through illegal websites but I also don’t recommend paying for Prime or $75 for each UFC PPV Event(Sorry Dana). This is a always reliable option for each Thursday and once you find the perfect site you will never look back.

Hopefully, this article will help you win money and find a way to watch each Thursday Night game. My official prediction is the Chargers defeating the Chiefs by a score of 24-21… Good Luck if you ride or fade my picks and as always make sure to bet responsibly.