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Top 10 Most Overrated Rock Bands

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This is the definitive list of the top 10 most overrated rock bands of all time. Let’s cut the bs and get right into the list.

10) Metallica

Metallica with the Cliff Burton
Metallica with the Cliff Burton

Starting off hot with Metallica who has been selling out stadiums since the early 80’s. My biggest gripe with Metallica is their average song length is 23 minutes with the same exact riff. Just a bit too repetitive for me. Now, do they rock? FUCK YES. They have sold over 125 million albums worldwide and are in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for a reason. That doesn’t mean they are not overrated.

9) Nirvana

Nirvana just looking so goofy
Nirvana just looking so goofy

Next on the list is Nirvana. I feel like Nirvana is one of those bands that everyone thinks they like but really can only name 2 songs. (Smells Like Teen Spirit & Come As You Are) This is going to sound fucked up, but the best thing to happen to Nirvana was the unfortunate “suicide” of Kurt Cobain. They sold 10 times the albums once he died (I made this up but it is true they started selling way more albums after losing Kurt, look it up if you don’t believe me).

8) Ramones

Ramones: wannabe hardasses
Ramones: Wannabe Hardasses

On to the Ramones. They legitimately only have 2 good songs, Blitzkrieg Bop & I Wanna Be Sedated. That’s it. All the rest of their songs are complete ass. They didn’t believe in guitar solos because they thought it would bring too much attention to one person in the band. Although not wrong, guitar solos fucking rule!

7) Dave Matthews Band

Is that a Christian rock band? Oh sorry that's Dave Matthews Band
Is that a Christian rock band? Oh sorry that’s Dave Matthews Band

The best thing Dave Matthews has ever done was his cameo in Just Go With It where he was secretly in the closet. If I hear Crash Into Me ever again I’ll have to just drive straight into oncoming traffic. All their songs are for 40 somethings in their mid-life crisis.

6) Oasis

Oasis = Depression
Oasis = Depression

Oasis, the band known more for their inner conflict than their music. I’m elated that these morons aren’t ever going to make music together again. Wonderwall is one of the worst songs of all time and I will never attend a Minnesota Loons game because of this song. What a horrendous song choice for a soccer team.

5) Journey

I’d like to smack that smirk right off your face

Journey is an abomination to American rock music. I’ve stopped believing many years ago. They are the worst thing to happen to San Francisco other than the homeless problem they are facing currently. Just GARBAGE music. Also, how punchable are all their faces?

4) Kiss

Kiss did have great stage presence
Kiss did have great stage presence

Is a band that’s known more for their makeup/stage presence than their music considered a great rock band? Apparently since they have 14 Platinum albums but all they’ve done is produce the world’s cheesiest rock music. Rock and Roll All Nite is as corny as it gets.

3) Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi = dudes that look like ladies
Bon Jovi = dudes that look like ladies

I’ve been livin on a prayer that Bon Jovi would disband and erase all their music from earth. How self centered is Jon Bon Jovi to name a rock band after himself? Just a loser move and you’re a loser if you listen to them. Fun fact: Jon Bon Jovi changed his last name, it was Jon Bongiovi. Have to admit he made the right choice.

2) Coldplay

Coldplay SUCKS
Coldplay SUCKS

In brief, COLDPLAY FUCKING SUCKS BALLS. I just cannot comprehend why anyone would ever listen to their music. Their lead singer, Chris Martin, has the worlds most whiney voice and somehow people enjoy rupturing their eardrums to their soft as baby shit music. If you’re having a house party and you want people to leave instantly, just start playing Yellow. Instant room clearer.



Old ass AC/DC
Old ass AC/DC

That’s right, AC/DC is the most overrated rock band of all time. For those of you that have 0 musical talent, almost every single AC/DC song has 3 chords aka notes. Here’s a list:

  1. Back in Black
  2. Highway to Hell
  3. T.N.T
  4. You Shook Me All Night Long
  5. Hells Bells

You get the idea. Essentially, AC/DC is the Walmart of rock music. They had a formula that worked EXTREMELY well and people absolutely love it. To me, all of their songs sound the exact same with just a different variation of the same 3 chords. If it wasn’t for Angus Young (lead guitar) they wouldn’t have had nearly the success that they did. Also, their only good album was Back In Black.