Top 10 Prince songs

Top 10 Prince Songs

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This blog of top 10 Prince songs is for us true Prince fans. Although his mainstream hits are exceptional, the deep cuts are where his musical genius shines. Prince can be described as a musical chameleon extraordinaire, songwriting wizard, fashion icon, and sex god amongst other fucking sweet things that I’ll never be.

Prince was a lyrical wordsmith who could craft songs that were catchy, impactful, and sometimes downright naughty. Some might even say, extremely horny. Without further ado, here’s my list of top 10 Prince songs.

10) Pop Life

Starting off with an all-time Prince classic “Pop Life”. It’s one of those feel-good songs until you really listen to the lyrics and discover he’s singing about a pop star who is spending all their money on cocaine, a hell of a drug. Was he singing about himself or another pop star? You be the judge.

9) Controversy

God damn is this a jam! The funky guitar riff fits seamlessly with the synth. It’s essentially the same as a Wagyu steak paired with the most expensive red wine. I would think of an example of expensive red wine but I’m still a child and haven’t graduated to wine yet. It’s still icky to me. Anyway, no doubt in my mind I’d stir up some controversy if I didn’t have this song on my top 10 Prince songs list.

8) Sexy Dancer

“Sexy Dancer” is one of the many horny songs Prince wrote and easily one of his best. Off his self-titled first album, this song brings a powerful combination of sexy guitar, slap bass, and an UNREAL piano solo at the end of the song. There’s just no way you can listen to this song and not shake your ass. Not possible. Even if you have ZERO rhythm, you’ll feel a tidal wave of blood pulsating towards your pelvis.

7) Cream

I’m not certain but I’m pretty sure “Cream” is the lyrical recipe for truffle butter. If you don’t know what that is, you should look it up on your work computer. You’ll be fired without a doubt but you’ll learn something new! I mean just listen to the opening four seconds and focus on the lyrics. Truffle butter city baby.

6) Lady Cab Driver

In a predominately male-dominated profession such as taxi driving, it was only destiny that Prince found a female cab driver, and guess what? She’s really sexy too, what are the chances of that?! “Lady Cab Driver” is one of the many hidden gems by Prince. Goddamnit is this a funky song. Nothing screams funky ass shit like a killer slap bass line and a woman having an explosive orgasm (see the 3:10 mark in the song and CRANK IT). Simple, yet so HARD. Like me listening to this song.

5) Little Red Corvette

I’ve never been a model car type of guy but “Little Red Corvette” may sway me to purchase a hoarder’s worth of red Corvettes. Any size. This song is THAT good. The only reason why this isn’t higher on the list is that I am the kind of person who can make out once, love em, and leave em fast. But I DO NOT KEEP USED RUBBERS IN MY POCKET! If you don’t get this reference listen to the lyrics closely. Certified horny song.

Me in my little red corvette

4) I Wanna Be Your Lover

“I Wanna Be Your Lover” was Prince’s first hit that propelled him to superstardom. It was because of this song he started touring with Rick James (bitch, had to). Fun fact, Rick James and Prince had MAJOR beef. While touring together, Rick James became furious with Prince because Prince refused to give his mother, a massive fan, an autograph. Why did Prince refuse the autograph? Basically, Rick James would get super jelly of Prince because he couldn’t work the audience as well and made him work harder on stage. This caused Rick to become hostile toward Prince leading to him not giving the autograph.

This will back up everything I say

3) Kiss

Ok, you got me, I had to go mainstream for this one. I thought about leaving “Kiss” off the top 10 Prince songs list to outrage the public but I couldn’t. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I left it off the list. It’s just too damn good. This is one of my personal karaoke go-tos. No one expects it and let me tell you, it gets the people GOIN’! If you play your cards right maybe you’ll be blessed by Prince’s sex appeal and get lucky that night. But probably not since you have square wheels.

2) Bambi

You may not have known this but Prince absolutely SHREDS on the guitar. “Bambi” demonstrates just how much he shreds with the ultra-catchy guitar riff. You’d think he’d name the song something more powerful like “Rack Attack Rhapsody” than after that wimpy deer. But the thing about Prince is that he could make anything more manly. He should be every short king’s idol. No way you could pull off any of his outfits though.

1) Erotic City

Not only is “Erotic City” Prince’s horniest song, it’s also his best song. Be extremely cautious where you listen to this song because you’ll either have a massive erection or you’ll have to hand out life jackets to anyone near you. Pitchin’ tents and flood warnings. You know the saying “this (insert whatever you want) fucks”? Well, this song actually fucks. You’re going to want to add this one to your sex playlist if you have one.

There ya have it, the top 10 Prince songs. He put Minnesota on the map and changed our culture forever. He’s one funky mother fucker and it still blows my mind that one of the greatest musicians of all time was from here. He could switch from a blistering guitar solo to a silky falsetto like nobody’s business. The man knew how to rock a sequined jumpsuit, a ruffled shirt, and high-heeled boots like nobody else. Prince’s fashion choices were a kaleidoscope of color and originality, leaving us mere mortals wondering if we could ever pull off a purple velvet suit quite like he did. It’s too bad he’s not around still making music but his legacy will live on through all Minnesotans.


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