Top 3 Things during the Christmas Season

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As you get older Christmas loses its appeal just a bit. That doesn’t mean it still isn’t awesome and the best Holiday! So, let’s discuss the top 3 Things during the Christmas season as we continue to get older.

#3: Sports

Ya, ya, ya. Christmas is not about Sports, to most people, but as a big NBA fan, it is one of the best days of the year for basketball! Unfortunately, this year will probably be kind of gross because of Covid ravaging the league, but it is what it is. There are also a few NFL games this year, which is pretty cool because it’s the heart of the fantasy football playoffs…if ya made it. It’s just a great day to lounge around all day and chill, especially if you do stuff with family mainly on Christmas Eve.

#2: Giving Gifts

As a kid, this is the last thing you thought about, shit you probably didn’t have a dime, so it was all about getting those gifts you wanted sooooo badly all year. I remember getting some of the best gifts ever during Christmas and it truly made my year. Christmas morning might have been the best few hours of the entire year. Dont get me wrong, as I get older it’s nice to get a gift or two, but I feel it’s a lot more enjoyable to give gifts to people. To make other people happy. Giving gifts to kids also, knowing they feel how you felt all those years ago, it’s pretty special. I am very excited to give my gifts to friends and family.

#1: Christmas Vibes

Does this even make sense? To me it does. Christmas has a certain “vibe”, don’t argue with me. From all the lights, the snow, the Christmas tree, Christmas sweaters, cookies, and all the great smells in the kitchen. Something about all these things related to Christmas is. what makes it special.

Being with friends and family you may have not seen in a while, and with it being so close to the New Year, it is just a good time, minus the dumb cold up here. Just something about Christmas makes you smile and be happy, regardless of your age. If it doesn’t, cheer up and stop being the Grinch.

So go enjoy Christmas! I know some people don’t have much family to be with or are far away, but do something to make this time special. Merry Christmas everyone!