Top 5 Best Timberwolves Brasil Tweets


The Minnesota Timberwolves currently boast a 14-4 record and have been in first place in the Western Conference standings for 10 days and counting. Not only are they displaying their immense talent and improved chemistry, they now have the greatest fan account to bless the heart and souls of Wolves fans across the globe. I present Timberwolves Brasil.

Timberwolves Brasil Twitter

Some may call the content being posted by this account bizarre, absurd, or downright BONK worthy. All I know is that before Timberwolves Brasil, this team only made the playoffs three out of the last 19 seasons. It’s about time we embrace the crazy and ride this wave all the way to our first NBA championship.

Here are the top five BEST tweets from Timberwolves Brasil so far this season.


Starting off with an absolute banger. Like I said, some of you may watch this clip and feel uneasy inside. All I see is pure art. What better way to encapsulate such an exciting win against the Golden State Warriors? 


I think I watched this video at least 10 times after this was posted. The soothing music truly takes a hold of you and puts you in some sort of primal trance that I never want to leave. Very inspirational.


I think this video represents whole-heartedly how I feel inside when the Wolves win a basketball game. Pure emotion, exhilaration and zeal.


This masterpiece was posted after the latest Timberwolves victory against the Utah Jazz. It really has everything. A hint of trolling, class and just immaculate vibes all around. Bravo!


Those of you familiar with this account knew it was coming. The tweet heard ’round the world. Disturbing? Yes. Graphic? Very. But you can’t deny the results.

Keep It Up Timberwolves Brasil!

I want to take a moment to applaud this unsung hero of the Timberwolves season so far. Whether you think this account is extremely unsettling or you can’t help but chuckle, Timberwolves Brasil is along for the ride this season.

In the great words of bowling legend Pete Weber…