Top Five Places To Travel This Football Season

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To me one of the greatest things in life is the opportunity to travel. Each year my wife and I try to take several weekend trips along with one extended trip that brings us new scenes, food, drinks, and memories. 

With the NFL season only a day away, I thought I’d share my top five (so far) places to visit during the season where you can grab a table with friends and enjoy the games.

Las Vegas, Nevada

This had to top the list as it’s where friends escape to when they have a few extra bucks lying around to make a bet on the big game. With a ton of casinos, restaurants, and most importantly sportsbooks, Las Vegas is a must for fans wanting to get away to watch their favorite team play while winning money.

My choice: Circa

San Diego, California

My wife and I just returned from San Diego a few days ago and if California wasn’t so damn expensive this would be such a cool place to live! An incredible coastal city, amazing sunset views, and an incredible bar scene where you and the gang can snag a booth at one of the many sports bars just down from the ocean. Sorry, Chargers fans.

My choice: Sandbar Sports Bar & Grill

Nashville, Tennessee

If you’re big into country music, bars galore, and beautiful weather during the winter months, look no further than Nashville. This incredible city brings out the most incredible vibes when you’re wanting to drink, dance, and watch some football. 

My choice: Bringle’s Smoking Oasis

travel to Nashville and watch football at Bringles Smoking Oasis

Dallas (Arlington-Fort Worth), Texas

Texas Live. That’s all you need to know. Look it up and be amazed. I’ve traveled here twice to visit my friend, Nick, and this place changed me. Easily the coolest place you’ll ever experience.

My choice: Texas Live

travel to arlington and watch football at Texas Live

And my number one travel destination: Scottsdale (Phoenix), Arizona

I had to put this on as it’s right down the street from my wife and I’s place. Phoenix is truly one of a kind with its rich culture, incredible dining options, and endless locations to watch football. Additionally, ten or so minutes away you’ll find Tempe that has great sport viewing options as well.

My choice: The Porch

travel to phoenix and watch football at the porch

Everyone’s list is different, and as we continue to travel and see the world I’ll revisit this and update.

Do you have a favorite destination where you love to go and watch your favorite team play?