NBA Trade Deadline

Top Three Moves for the Timberwolves at the NBA Trade Deadline


It is Feb. 2 and your Minnesota Timberwolves are STILL in first place in the Western Conference with a 34-14 record. It has been the most exciting regular season of Wolves basketball since the early 2000s and this team has shown they can compete for an NBA title this year. Despite having the best record in the West and boasting the number one defense in the NBA, this team has shown it still has some flaws that need to be addressed. With the NBA trade deadline less than a week away, it’s worth asking the question…Do the Wolves make a move?

Here are my top three trade targets I think the Wolves should look into.

#1: Tyus Jones

NBA Trade Deadline

The Wolves’ offensive rating ranks 19th in the NBA right now, and much of that is due to how much they turn the ball over. They have the third most turnovers of any team in the NBA this season, and part of that is because they only have one secure ball handler in Mike Conley.

Don’t get me wrong, Mike Conley has been an absolute savior for this team, and he is arguably the most important piece of the entire roster. But this Wolves team can’t expect to make a deep run without another sound ball handler and that is where Jones would be a perfect fit. Rumors are his asking price is not egregious either.

Jones is a hometown kid who played high school basketball at Apple Valley High School and went on to win a National Championship at Duke University. He was drafted by the Timberwolves in 2015 and had four very solid seasons here as a backup point guard. He leads the league in assist to turnover ratio at 7.2, which is absolutely absurd, and seems like a no brainer for a team with one true point guard. Jones could provide a massive boost off the bench come playoff time.

#2 Bogdan Bogdanović

The Wolves are 26th in three pointers attempted per game, but they are making them at the 2nd highest clip of any team in the league. If there is one thing you can’t have too many of in the NBA, it’s shooters. Bogdonavić is exactly that.

He’s averaging 17 points per game for the Atlanta Hawks and is a career 38% three point shooter which is very solid. The Wolves have one of the most unique offenses in the league because the bulk of their high percentage three point shooting comes from two big men, in Karl Anthony-Towns and Naz Reid. They don’t have a guard off the bench that can really light it up from the three point line, and that is where Bogdonavić could really help this team.

Bogdonavić most likely has a higher trade value than Jones does, meaning the Wolves may have to give up more players and/or picks to get him, but he could add a real spark off the bench for this already talented squad.

#3 Bones Hyland

NBA Trade Deadline

Another name to consider in the backup point guard department is Bones Hyland. Hyland is currently on a Clippers roster loaded with guards and is only playing about 13 minutes per game. He is a young and athletic guard that Wolves GM Tim Connelly drafted in 2021 when he was with the Denver Nuggets, and could help Conley with some of the ball handling duties down the stretch.

It’s also worth noting that Mike Conley, despite being amazing for this team, is 36 years old and adding a young guard via trade could help set this team up well for the future. This Wolves roster is still young and the core guys are all locked under contract for the next three to four years. Bringing in a potential point guard of the future, or at a minimum, added depth at the point guard position, could help this roster down the stretch and for the next several years.

Hyland is having a down year only averaging six points per game on under 40% shooting, but he would see more consistent minutes off the bench for the Wolves and could provide more stability as a primary ball handler when Conley is not on the floor.

Potential Trade Pieces the Wolves Can Move

This is the best Wolves roster we have seen in decades. They have by far the best core of big men in the NBA, they have guards and wing players in Anthony Edwards, Jaden McDaniels and NAW who can both score and defend the perimeter. And they have the steadiest point guard in the NBA in Mike Conley directing traffic.

After that, anybody else should be up for grabs if the Wolves want to make a move. I love Kyle Anderson, but he has been inconsistent this year and is a complete liability on offense. Shake Milton, who the Wolves acquired via free agency this offseason is almost unplayable at times. Troy Brown Jr., who was also a free agent signing, has shown flashes of good play but can’t seem to find meaningful minutes on this roster. Plus, if this team ends up finishing at the top of the Western Conference like we expect, they may be able to move a draft pick or two if it means adding the right fit.

Regardless, the team as it sits right now is firing on all cylinders and has a chance to win an NBA championship, which I still can’t fathom. But making a move at the deadline could be the difference between playing for a title and falling short like Minnesota sports teams have done so frequently for the last 30 plus years.

What do you think the right move is?

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