Travis Kelce: The King of Trash Talk?

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With a simple 25 second clip, Travis Kelce has entered the greatest trash talkers in sports history. Now admittedly he stole most of it from The Rock, but he gets a ton of credit for calling out a mayor who just wouldn’t shut up.

Simply one of the greatest to ever do it. I know his movies all suck but nothing and no one was cooler than the Rock in the early 2000s. A legit showman who put it all on the line. Plus he was hilarious.

Draymond. Pat Bev. Gary the Glove Payton. Sheeeeeeeeeeeed Wallace. The NBA is full of guys who compete and like to talk some serious trash.

Can’t have a trash talk compilation without the funniest guys out there. The NHL is full of beauties who give it all game. One liners like “Send that guy an oxygen tank” to “nice penalty you f*cking idiot”, they all seem so simple, but there is nothing like chirping a guy all game until he finally snaps. Lastly, a personal favorite that everyone needs to see and repeat. There is a word in there that should never be said and I don’t condone at all. The rest is funny considering Brian Bellows had like 1,000 points in the NHL.