Trey Lance is Soft and NDSU Fans are Delusional

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With the NFL Draft starting this Thursday, the rampant speculation has begun and has already created some disgustingly stupid headlines. From teams like the 49ers and Jets contemplating taking the wrong quarterback. Even our own Christian Lawver (@ctlawver13) has been getting on his knees for a certain someone in his 10K NFL Mock Draft. All the way to an emotionally soft quarterback out of NDSU who is likely to go in the first round. That quarterback? Trey Lance.

This Isn’t New

Trey is a talented player. There is no denying that. He is projected to go in the first round according to numerous outlets. Some even projecting him as high as third to the 49ers. While I may not agree on that move based off of Lance’s physicality, there is more to Lance than meets the eye. At least in my experience.

Let’s go back to June 2020. Lance was already receiving hype as a potential first round pick. Which prompted a fairly satirical blog on my part where he would actually end up after his “career” at NDSU. Needless to say, it blew up. Leading to hilariously weak threats from NDSU fans and even having most of the Lance family either subtweet about it or straight up block me.

That is where my issue with Lance lays…

trey lance blocked me lol

Trey “Charmin Ultra Soft” Lance

I genuinely do not care that Lance blocked me on Twitter, which I know sounds like a load of shit as I write a blog about it. I bring it up, though, because it showcases a potentially worrying sign to NFL teams. At least, if NFL teams are doing a thorough job. It is that at the first sign of dissent about his character via a satirical blog, he engages with it without engaging with the person he needs to be interacting with. Which is great when you’re dealing with someone like me. An unimportant person. I’m not even journalist or writer, FFS. So why the hell do you even care, Trey?

However, what if that blog came from a major outlet such as Barstool? What about a credentialed media member asking him a tough question? Is he going to continue to skirt around some of the tougher aspects of being a professional athlete? If so, he is not ready to be the face of an NFL franchise. Let alone be an NFL quarterback.

Sure, he is only 20 and his brain isn’t fully matured. But this is the biggest sporting league in the world and he is about to be thrust into it. While he has undoubtedly done prep work for this draft, there are still doubts lingering about how he carries himself. Constantly needing to block dissent or opinions and have your family and friends come to rescue isn’t noble in my eyes.

NDSU fans defend Trey Lance on Facebook after I wrote a blog suggesting he should play flag football instead of the NFL

And it runs in the family…

Hell, Trey’s father Carlton had to chime in. Are you shocked a fellow Minnesotan doesn’t care about a quarterback from Minnesota? Not everyone has to be so blindly loyal to every aspect of their life. Let alone go to college in a state that has shitty collegiate football?

trey lance's father tweets a lame ass hypothetical about how he wishes I were nicer since we both were born in Minnesota

Generate a debate and conversation! Fight back. Social media has made us beyond weak-minded. Even if the Lance family and worshipers supporters are too stupid to realize it’s satire that I think Trey could land in the Women’s Football Alliance, you’d think they’d have the courage to say something to fight back more than “boy it sure is mean that a fellow Minnesotan wrote this.”

Bring it on NDSU Fans

This leads us to my favorite part of the Trey Lance saga. While most fans of a given college football team will remain somewhat loyal to their team’s players in the NFL, NDSU fans are a different breed. Not in the good way, either. Although some of them can take a good-natured joke and play along. Others clearly can not and NDSU seems to have more of those fans than normal ones.

These fans are so crazy and ass backwards that they seriously cannot read something and not see it as the truth. Commenting everything you see below to literal threats to dox my family and friends.

Remember how I said I do not consider myself a journalist? Well, case and point because this shit was hilarious! Although my family absolutely despised it, there was never any real threat. NDSU fans are incapable of developing such grand plans to actually threaten someone. Look at what Mr. Deep North had to say… The only thing that came from his grandstanding was I got some hilarious screenshots of a dude who genuinely thought I would be afraid of some keyboard warrior.

trey lance supporter "deep north" threatens me
trey lance supporter "deep north" threatens me
trey lance supporter "deep north" threatens me

In conclusion…

The sheer fact that he thinks my friends and family would care about one of my satirical blogs joking about their prized, Charmin-wrapped QB is hilarious. The fact he thinks that his “doxxing” would change their opinions of me is even more comical. Oooo nooo Mr. Deep North, you figured out my mom’s first name. I’m so scared. NDSU and their fans need to be humbled. They have generated an environment that is phony and creating weak-minded individuals. At least when QBs like Big Ben block tons of people, it’s because they were accused of crimes and not just being a below average NFL quarterback. I can’t wait until they get to be humbled on NFL Sundays this year, with both Carson Wentz and Trey Lance possibly being shitty QBs in the NFL.

Come at me NDSU fans. I want Round Two. Deep down, you know I’m right. Trey Lance is too soft to make it in the NFL, and if you disagree…well, you know where to find me. I’ll be waiting.