Trey Lance is Soft? Just Shut Up. He’s An NFL QB.

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I’m an NDSU guy. Trey Lance is a goddamn NFL QB. I’m not a delusional NDSU fan. I ranked them as the 2nd worst fans in the region. But the lengths people go to rip ’em is ridiculous.

Making a Living from Cheap shots.

Usually, when people question my existence, I care. If I was a big deal, and some blogger wrote about how I sucked, I’d definitely have something to say about it. I realize people need attention, and people on this site have gotten it.

Yes, NDSU fans are irrational. Most of them aren’t even real fans. They’re bandwagon assholes that buy lots of yellow and green shit at Scheels. At the very least though, NDSU is a school that recruits talent good enough for the NFL. I mean, isn’t that the goal of most players in college football?

I feel sorry for all the Minnesota college football fans. All you dipshits have to do to occupy your time is criticize teams that recruit better players than you. Seriously, the Gophers won’t even play NDSU anymore. They know they suck, and that proves it.

NDSU beat the Gophers twice in a row.

Honestly, how does a Division I school like the U of M lose recruits to a little old school from Fargo? Must be all the losing Minnesota does. (Editors note: They do have the 10th most National Titles in “Real” D1 History, but I get your point). It’s in the water or something. I remember before the draft a few years ago, some dumbass said on the radio Mitch Leidner was a better QB than Carson Wentz. Ronny Molson, I think?

It’s just typical for a loser Minnesota fan to criticize NDSU athletes and their fans. How many first-round QB picks has the U of M produced? How many players have done ANYTHING in the NFL?

The Tears of Resentment Taste Like NFL Touchdowns.

I get it, you wrote a blog to get attention, and you got it. From the very player and his family that you criticized. Way to fucking go. If you criticized my kid I’d give you a piece of my mind. And Trey’s dad did. Good for him.

How about this. You’re soft Jack. Jealousy doesn’t look good on you. I can just imagine a fantasy land where the Gophers have a player anywhere near the talent of Trey Lance. I’m assuming you’d declare him King of the fucking world.

That is all.