Cowboys? More like CowByes.


The NFL season is reaching the halfway point, and things have been a lot of fun this year! You know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun. I feel like this happens every fall, the whole season flies by in a blur. On tap for our fave football team is the Dallas Cowboys. We get “America’s Team” at home, on a Sunday night affair, on Halloween, in our first primetime game this season.

Dak Down, Stock Up? 📈

The biggest headline coming into Sunday’s scary matchup is the availability of Dak Prescott. Since he came back from breaking his leg last year, he has dominated and is firmly in the MVP conversation. Coming off a big win against the Patriots, he hurt his calf on the game-winning TD pass. At this point, we could make a damn Pro Bowl roster of all the players this year that have hurt their calves. More calf raises, fellas! The legs feed the wolf.

Normally, this would be all smoke for a player of Dak’s caliber. But coming off the injury, AND the fact that the betting line moved in favor of the Vikings as of Thursday afternoon could be pretty telling.

Let Kirk Cook? 👨‍🍳

One of the early storylines last season was all about Russell Wilson and him opening up the Seahawks offense via the passing game. Things started out great, and then teams figured them out and they couldn’t adjust. There’s a really interesting video that goes into the schematic part of the whole ordeal, for all you nerds out there. This year, the Vikes have had that problem, but the shutdown is coming within. Kirk is doing numbers this year. Posting a 90+ passer rating in all but 1 game with 13 touchdowns already. But for some reason, Mike Zimmer insists on being a run-first football team. Ugh. We need Kirk to air this bitch out! This Cowboys team plays lights out and doesn’t miss, so the offense is going to have to put up at least 30+ points to contend with the ‘Boys.

When you talk about the Vikings offense, you could compare it to a Trick-Or-Treat. 571 yards of offense against the Panthers sounds like a fucking treat to me, much like a King Size Reese’s. Or it could be a sack of bullshit, sacks, and missed field goals. Like the Tootsie Rolls and Dots boxes, you get from like a dentist or something. By the way, my guy Nick Lewis just released his list of the Top 37 Halloween candies out there, check it out.

Flair For The Dramatic 🎭

Let’s really take a look at the optics of this week’s matchup: Primetime. On Halloween. Against a Super Bowl contender so yeah, it’s a must-win game. Funny how we’re saying that every week now, but that’s what happens when you lose games you were supposed to win! Did I mention both teams are coming off walk-off touchdowns and their bye weeks? This will undoubtedly be the best matchup of the weekend.

this was fire ngl.

My prediction? Dalvin Cook shows everyone why he’s the best in the league and runs the purple to victory. I just hope the defense can keep us in it sans P2 with all the amazing receivers Dallas has. Also, no word on if we are wearing the purple & gold for Sunday Night. We definitely need those out for the nation to see.

One last thing: last weekend I went to a Halloween party that my friend had. My costume was pretty basic but clever, going as one of Mike Zimmer’s assistants. No Vikings hat to complete the look, but the 10K Waggle hat will do just fine. Call me ranch, ’cause I be dressing.

10K Age in his 10k hat
Coaching during the pandemic was an interesting time.