True Life: I’m in too many Fantasy Football leagues.

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How much is too much Fantasy?

Is there such a thing as being in too many fantasy leagues? As someone who plays in a league that is in its 12th year, it always comes first. Since joining that league I’ve been asked to come part of other leagues with friends or co-workers and have found it easy enough to manage 2-3 leagues yearly. This year is another story… I’ve said yes too much and now feel like I have every player in the league on at least one of my teams. As I sit here on the opening day of the 2022 football season.

I’m in 6 leagues and am now wondering why the hell I say yes all the time.

Where do the fantasy leagues end?

Although I believe I will do well in 5-6 leagues, there is something special about rooting for a specific group of 15 players and tuning into each one of their games on Sunday. When you end up in more than 3 leagues the chances you have some of your opponents players on your team in a different league is almost a lock. It’s like you can never really root for your team. The second you celebrate a Touchdown you are cursing it because of another league.

I’m Skeptical.

For me, and most of you out there reading this. You focus on your most important teams and set your line up and then forget about the rest until Sunday night. As I wrote this blog I wonder how many other people are in this situation.

Is this why guys in some of my normal leagues don’t respond to trades on time? Joining too many leagues takes the fun out of Sundays and will eventually piss more people off if you don’t stay on top of your leagues. I personally have a hard time remembering what I have planned tonight or what I did yesterday so keeping up with 6 leagues is already giving me a headache.

Next Year.

By now, you’ve listened to me whine about fantasy football for about 400 words. Just don’t be the guy who stretches themselves thin and ruins it for everyone else because you took on too much. Fantasy football is the best time of year and damn I can’t wait to jump off my couch and throw my remote 10 seconds later. Now, with everything I’ve said, if I win money in all my leagues this year I may will say screw it and join another league next year. That’s very doubtful, but not impossible.

Happy First day of Football day to all that celebrate and let’s hope for my own sake that Stefon Diggs doesn’t shit the bed tonight. Sending positive thoughts with this throwback and Skol Vikes on Sunday.