Turkey Day Gambling Guide


NFL Thanksgiving might come in on top for my favorite Gambling day of the year. You have an amazing spread of food, you usually get to sit down and watch football from 11:30 am to 10:30 PM. It’s the best way to avoid family you don’t want to converse with. You’ll have people come up to where you’re sitting, look at the TV, and say 1 of 2 things… “Lions and Bears, oh my!” Or they’ll comment “Lions and Bears? YUCK” but hey uncle Mark, shut up. I have 3 units on the lions to cover. Anyways the Thanksgiving slate probably gets a C grade? Not the best ever but there are a few ways to make sports more interesting if you don’t have a dog in the fight. Either have someone on your fantasy team or gamble on it.

I’ll be breaking down my picks via Tiers, with Tier A being what picks I’m most confident in. Let’s win some money during a Holiday like a degenerate!


Bills/Cowboys ML parlay -132


Cowboys/Bills 6 point teaser @ -110

Bills/Under in Chicago Detroit 6 point Teaser @ – 110

Bills -6 @ -110

Tier C+

Cowboys -7.5 @ -110

Lions + 3 @ -115

Under 41.4 in Chicago/Detroit

Over 50.5 in Dallas/Las Vegas

Fun Tier

Lions Money line @ +140

6 point teaser that brings you to Lions +9, Under 47.5 in Chicago/Detroit, Cowboys -1.5, and Bills pickem. Comes out to +300

Have a blessed thanksgiving you degenerates! Nobody needs more luck than us.