The Twins City Connect Jersey Has Been Revealed and I Don’t Know How to React


Well, the day is here. The Minnesota Twins have released their long-anticipated City Connect Jersey, and I don’t know to react to them.

The Twins are one of the last teams in baseball to receive a City Connect jersey, leaving only the New York Yankees and Oakland Athletics without one.

My initial reaction: What the flying fuck. But, you will get my official take at the end.

Social Media mixed reviews on Twins City Connect Jersey

As you can imagine, X/Twitter users gave their valued opinions. Naturally, there are way more negatives than positives, but the negatives make sense.

dhwani is NOT wrong about this

There’s a lot to unpack here between the jersey, the hat, and all the different little details (which make it SICK as fuck).

Understanding What a City Connect Jersey is

I don’t blame you if you hate the jersey. I’m not a fan of the Yellow, as it’s nowhere near something that makes you think of the Twins. But that’s not the point of the City Connect jerseys. If you’re going to hate it, do it while being educated.

The jerseys are supposed to be different and unique compared to what the team normally wears. This definitely fits the M.O. Though the official definition is to specifically reflect each city where the team is located, we are in fact the MINNESOTA Twins. So, a lake there is perfect.

A Deeper Meaning

Obviously there is a ton to take in.

Blue being the water, yellow being the sun, and the ripples represent the waves on our great states lakes. I’m sorta meh on this, but I like the concept. The only thing holding me back from 100% committing is the yellow. It just looks weird. Part of it likely is all the other city connects with Blue and Yellow based jerseys. On the shoulder, there is a Loon with the sun behind it that has the North Star for the beak, and a Baseball for the head. I really like this part of the jersey.

The hat is by far the best thing about this uniform.

The detail is incredible on the hat. From the 10,000 Lakes patch to the topography of Lake Minnetonka (S/O Prince). I’m definitely going to get myself a fucking hat.

Other City Connect Themed Merchandise

We now have City Connect themed apparel and to be very honest, they absolutely FUCK.

Dislike the jerseys, fuck it. But you have to admit, some of the other things that are within the new theme are done so incredibly well.

In conclusion, the Yellow is a bit of a shocker and reminds me of the Tampa Bay Rays and IKEA, but I will definitely get over it. After being able to mull this over for 8 hours now, I do like these jerseys. I’m not entirely sold on them, but I think they represent this team and state so well.

But I still think Green and Blue would be sick…

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