Twins: Frauds or for Real?

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It’s end of May and the Twins are first in a lousy division. Regardless of our division we have the 5th best record in the AL. Now since our division is so bad, it begs the question though. Are the Twins for real though or are they frauds?

We are 30-23 and on a little cold streak. Our opponents have been quite bad, but wins are wins. Unfortunately we got smacked by the Tigers and things are looking bleak, but I have some hope?

Regardless of our division we have the 5th best record in the AL. Now since our division is so bad, it begs the question though.

Fraud or Real?

You have to really set a bar for what that means. Two years ago when we were really good but lost to the Astros most people would have said we are for real. The MLB has such dominant top teams and drops off though, that’s why you have to classify what is for real.

For us Minnesota fans you are accustomed to being pretty damn good then a playoff letdown. I won’t let this in on the topic though. 

Compared to the recent years where we have been very good and “for real”, this team seems to be behind those squads. This doesn’t mean we can’t make the playoffs and make some noise. If we go out there at the deadline and get a pitcher or two and we are healthy, we have a chance to win a series. 

Now this series against the Tigers has really opened the eyes of some of us homers, which is good. It was just a downright bad series. Our bullpen is so bad, we for sure could use Taylor Rodgers couldn’t we? Buxton needs to get going again also. There is just a lot that really needs to pick up here. On a side not FUCK Emilio Pagan, what an absolute bum he is.

It definitely doesn’t get easier either. This next stretch is so massive, if they get killed and go on a rough streak, it can easily flip this thing completely around. In a few weeks if that happens you will see a, “The Twins are Frauds” blog.

Past the argument if this team is legit or not, most Twins fans are probably just happy we are relevant. There is little worse than knowing your baseball team has no chance 20 games in and then just waiting out the season. It’s even worse because at one point baseball is the only of the major 4 sports going on so it’s just a huge drag if you are a big sports fan. 

So here we are, are the Twins for real? I have an answer that I’m sure will make no one happy but it’s what I truly think. In the aspect of being for real, just in terms of are we actually good or not and could we win a series? I do think so, but some big changes will need to be made. They have to address pitching, starters and the bullpen because it isn’t looking very good right now. Now in terms of are we for real in possibly winning a title? HELL NO. In the MLB it’s so top heavy that we really need to spend big if WE want to have a chance unfortunately.

This is still a solid team with a chance to make some noise, but It can go south very fast if they don’t weather the storm in the coming weeks. We will just have to see in a few weeks how it is looking before making our final judgement on the squad. Let’s go Twins