Twins Territory is Jacking it to Jeffers


The day was June 3rd in the year of our lord 1997 it was a beautiful summer day, it seemed like any ordinary day. However, this was more than that, this is the day that Ryan Michael Jeffers entered our beautiful world. To the average member of Twins Territory, this would not matter at all but I am here to tell you why it was the best thing to ever happen to the 2024 Minnesota Twins.

Ryan Jeffers has been a mediocre catcher his whole career but for some reason, Thad Levine and Derek Falvey have been persistent in committing to Jeffers. This year we are finally starting to see why they have such a hard-on for the aforementioned Twins catcher.

I mean just look at him… He is shitting on baseballs! Jeffers is slugging a .283 AVG, 10 HR, 12 2B, and 31 RBI. This is only in 37 games played, he is only 4 HR away from tying his career high in a season and it is only the middle of May! The Twins season has already been a roller coaster of emotions including a 12-game win streak, but Sir Ryan Michael Jeffers has been must-watch TV. I mean that is if you are able to watch the Twins due to Bally Sports acting like this is the Great Depression.

If you follow me on Twitter @ProducerCam10K (shameless plug) then you would know that one of my signature bits is posting a moniker for every Twins player when they hit a home run. This all started with Byron Buxton.

This has gained some traction over the years but nothing has gained traction like my moniker for Ryan Jeffers.

Some people may BONK me for this but let’s be real for a minute… We are all human we are all horny and when I watch Ryan Jeffers hit baseballs I become aroused. Who knows maybe there will be a Jacking it to Jeffers” T-Shirt in our very own 10K shop one day.

I want everyone in the Twin Cities to join the movement all summer long, just start “Jacking it to Jeffers”. Privately and not creepily of course.

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