Undefeated Eagles Lose To One Win Texans? TNF “Best Bets”.

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Two Thursdays in a row with points? I must be dreaming. Unfortunately we may not get the same results this week when the Eagles square off against the Texans.

Every week we take a look my bets, this week it will be a little quicker because YIKES.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers ML: +105 (1U)

Looks like Tom Brady might of finally forgot how to win a football game. They got off to a hot start, and then there offense stalled all the way until the 4th quarter. Not many words for how this bet went other then “on to the next”.

2. Ravens Longest FG -110 (1.5U)

How do I lose this bet with the long FG being 31 yards? To make things worse it looked like we had a chance to win this bet till the Ravens got garbage yards and Tucker nailed a 30 yard FG. Tucker attempted a 61 yard FG to end the half, which got blocked. Another bet I don’t have much words for.. onto the next.

3. Cade Otton O28.5 Yards (1.5U) & Mike Evans O68.5 Yards (1U)

Cade Otton is dead to me after one week of watching him. 2 garbage catches for 15 yards, even though Brady looked his way 5 times. He also got a TD called back by penalty which woulda saved the night at +370. First time betting on Otton, also the last. Mike Evans on the other hand saved us going 0-4 thanks to a 4th quarter 51 yard catch. Thank god I can stop talking about these because YIKES this was a bad week.

Week 8 results- (-3 UNITS).

Betting Preview

The high flying Eagles look to stay perfect heading into Houston to face off against the 1 win Texans.

This game might get ugly fast, but that’s why we place our hard earned money on this. We need a big bounce back week, after dropping our season record to -5.6 Units.

The Eagles walloped the Steelers 35-13 last week, with the help of an AJ Brown career game. Which of course is followed by a “random” drug test.

The Texans on the other hand… look like the Texans. They also got walloped last week, not on the scoreboard.. by King Henry. Derrick Henry ran for 219 yards and 2 TD’s in what’s became a new normal for the Texans. King Henry has ran for 200+ yards in the last three matchups against the Texans. How???

This Weeks Bets

1. Texans +14 (2U)

The Eagles look unstoppable while the Texans look like they can’t stop anything. This bet scares me, which is exactly why I love it. Maybe it will come from a backdoor cover, or maybe the Texans will shock everyone and win outright. Vegas sports books need a rebound week after getting handed there worst loss of the year last weekend. The Eagles are dominating the % of bets for the spread which means only one thing… Take The Texans.

2. Miles Sanders U81.5 Yards (1.5U)

Derrick Henry ran for 219 yards against this Texans defense last week, while there backup also ran for 83 yards. If we look back another week we see Josh Jacobs ran for 143 yards, also against this same Texans team. If we keep looking back we see more and more poor performances which leads me to expecting a huge week on primetime television. I’m ready to see one of those stats in the 3rd quarter comparing there rushing defense to previous weeks because of the improvement. Miles Sanders is also made of plastic, so this bet could win at any point with him exiting with an injury. The # will probably be better tomorrow before the game but something tells me this bet is going to hit.

Eagles "Miles Sanders"

3. Longest FG O46.5 (1.5U)

There was 0 plans of having a wacky FG bet this week, until I thought about all the short FG’s last week. How often do we go two TNF games without a 47 yard FG or higher? If you want a answer it’s only happened in consecutive weeks once this year. Both are other bets have a chance of being dead early. At least we have one we can cheer for the entire game.

Closing Statement

If we we don’t turn it around this week, we may find ourselves in a hole that’s hard to get out of. Down almost 6 units, with 5 on the line this week. All of our bets are over a unit sizing, I have way to much faith in this Texans team for no reason whatsoever.

The faders are slowly getting there bankroll back after I almost got it to even.

To the people riding with me on my picks, I’m sorry. It’s never fun to lose but this is the week we turn our season around.

To the faders, it’s your week to rot in hell with the rest of the scumbag Philly Fans.. Still time to jump back on the ship before we set sail!