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The New Vikings Whiteout Uniforms Are The Definition of Icy


As long as the team has been around, the Minnesota Vikings have taken a simple but solid approach to their uniforms. Nothing too crazy, but not garbage uniforms like our neighbors across the border. In the past few years, good ol’ Roger has loosened up the rules on the jerseys and helmets. The Vikings were late to the party, but boy did they come up big with their new digs.

Quite frankly, the Vikings lacked a sleek uniform option. The modern classic jersey that dropped last summer was fire, but we needed something more to scratch that uni itch. And we damn sure got it. The white helmet alone is enough to make Vikings fans salivate and curse on the internet. The silver outline and the icicle-like drip on the numbers bring character to a Vikings jersey we haven’t seen in…well ever.

The regular all-white was very fire, but when you are the kings of the Winter Whiteout you gotta step up your game. The Vikings know what they’re dealing with, and shoutout to all the hard-working people in the org that made this happen. The fans needed this!

These uni’s will make their debut on December 16th in a Monday Night game against da Bears. I can’t wait to see Harry own that fraud, Caleb Willams. And the whiteout game gets a national audience for the first time. Say what you want about these Vikings, they are changing the game with everything they do.

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