Vikings Are 5-1 and Having Fun!

NFL Vikings

We are unofficially 1/3 of the way through the NFL season, and your Minnesota Vikings are sitting pretty. Another gritty W the boys got in Miami on Sunday, finally putting together a somewhat complimentary game on all 3 sides. JJ was great, Dalvin came in clutch, and the defense stood tall when it mattered most. After a hard 60 minutes of action, the boys were hungry for those W’s.

Most boring W ever?

For those of you that missed the game or weren’t paying attention, ya didn’t miss much. The 1st quarter was so bad, it was like watching 2 kids play Madden against each other on the hardest difficulty. The Vikings could do nothing, and the Dolphins couldn’t do anything without getting flagged. Not to mention, the Vikings were melting in the south Florida sun. The ‘Phins decided to go with their classic trick of forcing the road team to wear colors. And even though it was only in the 80s in South Beach on Sunday, the sun was shining bright and cramping our mood early.

not ideal.

The action didn’t really pick up until the 4th, then the points came in heavy. The score seemed closer than it was due to garbage time, but we’ll take the W where we can get it. Just another game to add to our absurd record of 1-score games. Last year, this game would’ve definitely been an L in some cursed way. 1 year later and new leadership in place and we are winning these games. Gotta love the progress!

when the worst person you know makes a good point

Going into the bye, this Vikings team is sitting in an ideal spot. They haven’t played their best ball yet this year, and still have a winning record. So imagine the kind of team we could be down the road when things start to come together! Not only that but the Packers keep struggling, giving way to a 2-game lead in the NFC North. But as of now, these guys are feeling it and there’s a buzz within the fanbase. The players are feeling good too, you’re starting to see a little more character from this team as a whole. Including our QB, who we now know is amazed by his teammates’ bling. After the win Sunday, Kirk was seen rocking all KINDS of chains, including the JJettas plane chain. This team is really different y’all, and I’m so here for it. Skol.

it’s the “Wham!” for me.