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The Vikings Are Dealing With A Dreadful Curse…

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A Week 17 tilt in Lambeau Field was looking to be quite the matchup for the newest episode of the Border Battle. The Packers fighting for their playoff lives. The Vikings fighting for the #2 seed and perhaps home field advantage. And then the game started. And all the momentum and fun aspirations went away.

one would have to agree with them, perhaps.

It seems like this Vikings team can’t lose pretty. Every L this season that’s taken place (save for Detroit) has been a complete ass-kicking from the opening kickoff to the final whistle. Now, i’m not a man who believes in curses or anything like that. But something obvious has been hanging over the Vikings’ head in these curb stompings we’re taking…

The Nantz-Romo Curse


The bigger the NFL game, the bigger the audience. When the game falls on CBS, that means you get the great Jim Nantz and Tony Romo on the call. Nantz is a national treasure, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy his commentary. Tony Romo is an ace in my eyes, but not everyone has that love for him. The calling out plays before they happen bit got real old, real quick. Despite how you may feel about them, they are very good at their job. They’re also very good at cursing the fucking Vikings whenever they get in the booth! The stat above proves it this season, but this curse goes back years and years. To the tune of 8 consecutive losses on CBS with the A-Team.

My fucking god, what is happening here? Never mind that Nantz is still stuck in the 90’s, this is just plain dumb luck. And the games they call for us have all been blowouts. Take the Vikings out of the late “primetime” slot at 3:30 and let The Noon Nightmare cook with no one watching on Fox. That’s the only way the Vikings can survive without being crushed in front of the whole country to see.